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Vladimir Putin Scored 9 Goals In a Recent Hockey Match Is this the way you want your people to treat you?

By Gene Marks

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.


He's 68 years old, but he's still got it! I'm talking about Vladimir Putin, Russia's president and hockey star.

In an exhibition hockey game a few weeks ago designed to increase awareness for vaccinations, Putin took to the ice and really put on a show. According to the New York Daily News, Putin competed against "Russian hockey stars, "businessmen" and other politicians" and skated away with the game's scoring title after netting nine (or was it nine? People aren't entirely sure) goals. And although he fell short of his record setting mark of 10 goals from his last appearance, he still put on an impressive performance, leading his team to a 13-9 victory.

That previous 10-goal performance from 2019 was also a special night for Putin. According to a tongue-in-cheek report from Quartz' global finance and economics editor Jason Karaian, it appears that the Russian leader — who took up hockey at the age of 60 — "had the game of his life" and "really took charge of the game." Sadly, he did suffer a bit of a stumble over a red carpet that was inconveniently placed on the ice for a ceremony, and I'm sure that the person who put it there is perfectly fine. But no matter, Putin's team back then still walked away with a 14-7 win. And I'm sure the celebratory congratulations from his teammates and fans make up a fond memory for the Russian leader.

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