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Why CEOs Need to Take an Innovation Sabbatical Immersing yourself in another company could spark new ideas for your own. Here's how to get started.

By Andrea Olson Edited by Jessica Thomas

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Klaus Vedfelt | Getty Images

I've had the unique opportunity to launch two different companies. While seemingly glamorous, it's more like a series of long, thankless, and sleepless hours of work and worry. As with every entrepreneur, every day feels like you're changing the wheels on a moving truck. The litany of lessons learned, from making bad hiring decisions to conducting multiple pivots, reads like a story of love and loss.

There's no shortage of advice doled out along the journey, whether it be from colleagues, experts or even employees. Every entrepreneur has to navigate a barrage of information coming from all directions. This overstimulation can create myopia, where you lose focus on the organization's direction and spend an overabundance of time IN the business, rather than ON the business.

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