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His Tool Helps 95% of Fortune 500 Companies Have Highly Productive Meetings. These Are the Two Things He Says Goes Wrong In Most Meetings. CEO Johnny Warström has advised companies like Bosch, Deloitte and many more. Here's what he's taught them about having meetings that matter, and how to increase employee engagement and effectiveness.

By Frances Dodds Edited by Mark Klekas

Ten years ago, Johnny Warström and his cofounder Niklas Ingvar got sick of sitting through meetings where no one felt comfortable actually saying what they thought, and leaders didn't seem all that interested in hearing what their employees had to say.

So they created a meeting engagement tool called Mentimeter, which is now used by 280 million people worldwide, counts 95% of the Fortune 500 as paying customers, and is valued at $250 million. But for the first decade of the company's existence, Warström says they could barely get any funding.

Potential investors weren't interested because they didn't see what problem the product solved, according to Warström.

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