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4 Changes to Make to Your Day so You Get Better Sleep Tonight Making changes to your day is the quickest path to consistently productive sleep at night.

By Kali Patrick

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andresr | Getty Images

Through powerful personal stories, influencers like Arianna Huffington have been encouraging professionals to prioritize their sleep for many years. Sleep scientists like Matthew Walker creatively explain the benefits of getting refreshing sleep as well as the dangers of sleep deprivation.

With this increase in education and de-stigmatization of sleep challenges, more professionals are waking up to the fact that getting better sleep doesn't just improve their work performance, but is also a necessary human function.

Thus, the sleep market is booming. According to Infinium Global Research, the market for sleep aids will reach over $114 billion in less than five years. Gadgets that track sleep are ubiquitous. Companies designing sleep products like weighted blankets and blue-light blocking glasses continue to grow. Articles about sleep hygiene and relaxing bedtime rituals abound.

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