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5 Reasons Why a Retreat Is Good for Your Business Entrepreneurial retreats can be a great way to step back from your business for a new perspective, learn from experts and other entrepreneurs, and just refresh your brain.

By Sophia Dembling

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

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Although her jewelry-supply company is called Blue Buddha Boutique, Rebeca Mojica wasn't feeling particularly Zen at her first entrepreneurial retreat.

"I spent the first few hours feeling antsy because it wasn't moving fast," the Chicago-based entrepreneur recalls of her experience at Big Rock Valley, the Edward Lowe Foundation's property in rural Michigan. "The session was very conversational and cerebral. I was, like, 'No, we should be doing things, lots of activities! Boom, bang, c'mon guys, let's go!'"

Later, chatting with other participants by the fire, she started to get the idea. "I was more relaxed than I'd been in quite some time," she says. "I realized that the whole point of the retreat was to take a break from the daily grind. To not feel like you're juggling eight things while standing on one leg and trying to put out a fire across the room."

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