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Forging a New Career Path? Here's How to Do It Right When we're feeling called to a new venture, it can be daunting. Luckily, many have done it before and have sage advice on how to pursue it.

By Haley Hoffman Smith

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Autumn and the change of the seasons reminds us how powerful it is to release what's no longer serving us and forge anew. For many of us, the biggest changes that we go through center around our careers. I firmly believe that what we do should reflect what we love, and if we're miserable in our current careers, it's going to be hard to be happy in our personal lives. The work that we do defines who we are and how we show up in this world. That truth marks the bravery of forging a new career path.

While mini shifts will happen frequently — changing roles within a company, introducing new products or pivoting on business models —- it's the major career choices that change the game for us. Even if we're in an industry we love, chances are, we'll make changes, as the average person changes careers five to seven times during their life, according to Career Advice Online.

My biggest change came when I quit my job at a startup less than a year out of college to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. I know what it feels like to stand at a fork in the road and be tasked with making a big decision, then tasked with feeling good about it for every step afterward — even if it's terrifying. So, for anyone ready to forge a new career path, here are a few considerations that can help.

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