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Guardian Angels Now called active capital, the former ACE-Net website is completely revamped and ready to help match companies with angel capital.

By David Worrell

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Government and small business are not always the best offriends, but once in a great while, the two manage to collaboratein a way that opens new doors of opportunity. One shining exampleof a great program born from the government is ACE-Net, which helpssmall businesses find what they otherwise could not easily find ontheir own.

In fact, ACE-Net--the Angel Capital Electronic Network--is oneof the best places for entrepreneurs to start their search forangel capital. Since its launch in 1995, ACE-Net has helpedentrepreneurs raise over $100 million.

ACE-Net, however, had its share of growing pains over the past10 years. After the SBA gave up its central role in theorganization in 2000, the ACE-Net website seemed to be more or lessabandoned and neglected.

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