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How to Give Yourself a Raise Without Switching Jobs or Asking Your Boss for One My financial journey took a sharp turn when I discovered the power of this one expense trick — here's how you can uncover hidden savings and take control of your finances.

By Anita Kinoshita Edited by Mark Klekas

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Building a career isn't like it used to be. People used to be able to start their career at a company and earn enough income to comfortably live and retire from their growing salary at that same company. One in four young adults ages 18-40 switched companies at least once between 2018 and 2023, with 62% stating that pursuing a higher salary motivates them. It's easy to see why young people may continue to job-hop given the rising cost of goods, notably housing and the burden of funding their own retirement.

Despite the career-building paradigm shift, not everyone wants to job-hop, and not everyone should do it blindly. Here's how to give yourself a raise without switching jobs or involving your boss.

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