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The Real Reason Behind ABBA's Crazy Outfits For the Swedish supergroup, it wasn't just about the music.

By Gene Marks

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AFP | Stringer | Getty Images

C'mon, just admit it: You're an ABBA fan. I get it. So am I.

And how could you not be? The '70's Swedish super group produced some of the most sing-able, happiest, snappiest songs ever, from "Dancing Queen" to "Fernando." When ABBA is played at a bar or party or just on the radio, everyone — regardless of age — seems to know the lyrics and sings along.

Besides their songs, one of the most definable things about ABBA was their clothes. Much has been written about their many outrageous outfits over the years, and most fans would agree that the band's clothing choices were never … well … understated. For years, ABBA's fans thought it was just the group's way of showing their uniqueness, their individuality, their brand. But there's another reason for the crazy costumes, a reason that would actually be more appealing not to the teenagers who went to their shows, but to the accountants who did their taxes.

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