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The Three Questions Venture Capital Investors Will Ask You'll still have to convince venture capitalists that your brilliant inventions aren't a waste of time.

By Kate Lister

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Let's say you just came up with an idea that could become a household commodity: a radical new design for a commode. We're not just talking a variation on a theme--like adding a few extra inches here or there, tricking out the seat or adding a sprinkler system--we're talking a quantum leap in how we go about our business.

Investors ought to be queuing up to get a piece of the action, right? Wrong.

The world is full of people with great ideas--like Thomas Crapper, the original inventor of the commode. But unless you can convince investors that you're capable of delivering the goods, persuading the world to buy your fancy throne and managing phenomenal growth, they'll write it off as just another pipe dream.

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