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This Simple Money Formula Helped Me Escape My 9-5 and Find Financial Freedom My life changed in 2020 when I discovered the concept of financial independence and early retirement — here's what you need to know.

By Anita Kinoshita Edited by Mark Klekas

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Editor's Note: Anita Kinoshita, AKA The Retired Millennial, only recently learned about the FIRE movement, but within a couple of years, she had already achieved a level of financial independence. Anita writes exclusively for Entrepreneur+; join today to access her content.

Entrepreneurs are hard to govern. Look closely and you'll notice they don't fit neatly into an industrial schedule. Asking an entrepreneur to work 9 to 5 on a predefined project is like asking them to put a plastic bag over their head — they can only hold their breath for so long. Even if it's ten times harder to do it their way, at least they can breathe.

Like every entrepreneur, I am wired this way.

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