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The War Against Digital Currencies is Being Lost: What You Need to Know to Take Advantage A marriage between Web3 centralization and Web2 decentralization is just one way in which new-year benefits and tech breakthroughs can fuel digital currency sustainability and growth.

By Jonny Caplan Edited by Matt Scanlon

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You don't have to be a media professional to notice the barrage of commentary in the press regarding digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. And at least of late, it certainly appears tilted to the negative. It's human nature to be afraid of change and evolution: We all like to be mollycoddled — warm, undisturbed in our cribs and averse to change and innovation.

The actual market data in the crypto space, however, suggests that trends are anything but negative, with Bloomberg recently publishing an article postulating a $100,000 Bitcoin valuation as the year progresses.

Most of you have heard about the collapse of FTX or LUNA by now — fairly new and multi-billion-dollar enterprises seemingly falling out of the sky. And this is at least partially to be expected in such a new sector: The digital realm is largely unregulated globally at the moment, although that dynamic is in the process of transforming, as major governments assess digital currency and associated legislation.

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