Jonny Caplan

Jonny Caplan

Entrepreneur Leadership Network VIP
CEO, Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Director

Jonny Caplan is an award-winning filmmaker, CEO at TechTalkMedia, host of Amazon Prime's "TechTalk" and a serial entrepreneur and innovator, technologist, sustainability and impact leader, multidisciplinary creator, NFT consultant and global speaker.

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NFTs Are the Victim of Non-Friendly Terminology

The fast-evolving NFT industry is a myriad of new jargon, processes and terminology that perhaps could have been more user-friendly.

The Crypto Wallet Hustle -- What You Need to Know

With the rise of technology, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and NFTs, there are a plethora of new scams and con artists. It pays to ring-fence your assets and operate with caution.

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