57 mins

Sales, Setbacks, and Billion-Dollar Achievements ft. Jonathan Cronstedt | EP. 17

Welcome to Episode 17 of Grit Rising! In this captivating installment, join us for an extraordinary conversation with Jonathan Cronstedt, a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and executive leader. Get ready to embark on a journey through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship as Jonathan shares his remarkable story of resilience, growth, and billion-dollar achievements. Jonathan's journey begins with humble beginnings in sales, where he took unconventional approaches, such as leaving business cards on fancy cars, until he found a mentor who guided him toward success. But as is often the case in the world of entrepreneurship, challenges arose, leading Jonathan to the brink of bankruptcy. However, this setback was just a turning point in his story. Jonathan's tenacity and determination led him to play a pivotal role in scaling the company Kajabi to a billion-dollar valuation. His insights into leadership, strategy, and the entrepreneurial mindset are invaluable for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of business. In this episode, we explore the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, the importance of resilience in the face of adversity, and the strategies that have propelled Jonathan to the pinnacle of success. Join us as we uncover the lessons learned on the road from business cards to billion-dollar achievements with Jonathan Cronstedt on Grit Rising!

41 mins

Balancing Health, Fitness, and Diets ft. Bre Thomas | EP. 16

Welcome to Episode 16 of Grit Rising! Join us for an enlightening conversation with Bre Thomas, the visionary owner of Nutrivenience, where nutrition seamlessly meets convenience through plant-based meals delivered throughout Orange County, California. In this episode, Trent and Bre delve into the realms of health, fitness, and diets, discussing the transformative impact of making conscious dietary choices. Bre's expertise shines as she shares insights on navigating the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in today's fast-paced world. Discover the essence of Nutrivenience's mission as Bre unveils the philosophy behind plant-based nutrition and how it aligns with the demands of modern living. Through authentic conversations, we explore the intersection of health and convenience, unveiling practical strategies to achieve well-rounded well-being. Whether you're an avid fitness enthusiast or curious about adopting a more health-conscious approach to your diet, this episode offers valuable insights, inspiring stories, and actionable tips to empower you on your journey toward a healthier, more balanced life. Join us as we explore the delicate balance of health, fitness, and diets with Bre Thomas on Grit Rising!

50 mins

Exploring AI, Entrepreneurship, and Business Leadership ft. Rajeev Kapur | EP. 15

Welcome to Episode 15 of Grit Rising! Join us for a dynamic conversation with Rajeev Kapur, a Global Business and Technology Leader, and CEO known for propelling growth and profits through innovative go-to-market strategies and leadership. In this episode, we dive deep into the realms of entrepreneurship, business leadership, and the transformative power of AI. Rajeev shares his wealth of experience as a visionary leader, discussing his journey in reinventing and resuscitating business cultures to achieve multimillion-dollar growth for companies. With insights garnered from over 20 countries, Rajeev outlines the importance of building global teams that foster collaboration and inspire purpose-driven engagement. We explore his passion for repairing broken market strategies, cultivating positive company cultures, and unlocking new business opportunities. Join us as we uncover the power of innovative go-to-market strategies, leadership, and the evolving landscape of AI with Rajeev Kapur on Grit Rising!

58 mins

Inspiring Marketing and Entrepreneurship Stories ft. Erik Huberman | EP. 14

Welcome to Episode 14 of Grit Rising! Join us for an authentic and inspiring conversation with Erik Huberman, the Founder of an outsourced CMO company called Hawke Media. We dive into the fascinating world of marketing and entrepreneurship. In this episode, we'll hear about Erik's remarkable journey and how he achieved success in the ever-changing marketing landscape. Learn from his experiences and innovative strategies, and discover the social aspects of his business that empower communities and drive meaningful connections.

17 mins

The Future and Exponential Technologies ft. Nancy Giordano | EP. 13

Join Trent Bryson as he sits down with Nancy Giordano, an Exponential Strategist with an impressive career history at some of the most influential ad agencies in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. For over a decade, Nancy has been the Founder and CEO of Play Big Inc., a strategic inspiration company. Her expertise ranges from A.I. to reinventing the internet, and all of her projects have a key common denominator: transitioning away from outdated business thinking that no longer holds up, to create more sustainable, inclusive, and dynamic solutions for the future. In this episode of Grit Rising, Trent and Nancy dive deep into the emerging intersection of tech, business, and society, covering a range of topics from current events to new ways of thinking about the future. Listen in as they explore how to build a more equitable and inclusive world.

59 mins

Turning Nothing Into Something ft. Juan Huizar | EP. 10

Long Beach Real Estate Broker, Juan Huizar, shares the inspirational story of his journey from Mexico to the U.S. and how hard work and determination played a vital role in overcoming the challenges he and his family faced.

59 mins

Running a Global Beauty Company with Innate Adaptability and Die-Hard Work Ethic Ft. Alex Dastmalchi | Ep. 5

Born and raised amid a war-torn Iran, Alex Dastmalchi grew up seeing a lot of heartache in his country — although he’ll be the first to tell you that he was one of the “lucky” ones. Alex is now the beauty entrepreneur behind VanityPlanet, a global company offering a robust portfolio of innovative lifestyle, beauty tech. Alex taps his innate adaptability and die-hard work ethic to provide these innovative products that improve others' lives. He also makes a personal commitment to give back and volunteer with charities, advancing social justice and helping the vulnerable in our backyard and beyond. 

46 mins

Inspiring Others to Seek the Positive with Daniel Kasidi | Ep. 1

Daniel Kasidi has a natural attunement for vision & leadership with the business acumen to execute branding, partnerships, international distribution, eCommerce, and retail distribution to name a few. He is the founder of Rastaclat, which has been recognized by Inc5000 for the past 4 years as one of the Fastest Growing Privately Held Businesses in America (ranked 166 in California and 1,397 in America).  Also, Daniel has built a global brand community with millions of followers in the USA, China, and Southeast Asia. Acquired over 10 million customers forging partnerships with licenses including the Olympics, NBA, MLB, NCAA, NASA, Hello Kitty and Bruce Lee to name a few.