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Ep. 43 - Revolutionizing Your Fitness Journey with Katalyst Founder Bjoern Woltermann

In this episode of One Day with Jon Bier, Jon sits with Bjoern Woltermann, the developer of Katalyst, a groundbreaking electro-muscle stimulation technology that adapts to your individual body, goals, and fitness level, revealing your hidden strengths. Listen in as Bjoern shares how his personal experience with back pain became the spark that led to the creation of Katalyst. He delves into the complexities of nutrition, challenging the Standard American Diet and emphasizing the importance of nutrient-rich foods. He breaks down the ins-and-outs of EMS technology and how it can revolutionize your fitness journey. Katalyst is an elite, full-body workout in just 20 minutes, without any external weights or joint impact. Leveraging Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, Katalyst creates an extraordinary new way to workout. Its patent-pending training system and full-body suit deliver specially-tuned, low frequency impulses to each of your major muscle groups. These impulses imitate the brain signals that cause your muscles to contract and, when combined with simple bodyweight movements, multiply the results of any exercise.   Powerful Quotes by Bjoern "With Katalyst, we didn’t invent new music. We just invented a better player." "Body composition changes don’t happen during the workout. Body composition changes are the result of the workout." Key Highlights ·    Bjoern shares his personal journey from chronic back pain to pain-free living, thanks to the technology that underpins his innovative product. He discusses the power of EMS and how it targets often overlooked muscle groups, providing an intense and unique workout experience whether your goal is longevity, increased endurance, or muscle growth. ·    Tackling ‌nutrition, Bjoern addresses misinformation surrounding food choices, particularly in light of the influence of the Standard American Diet and big-name sponsors like Coca-Cola. He offers a comparative analysis of how our bodies, similar to other animals, are designed to consume nutrient-rich food, and why human beings are not herbivores. ·    Bjoern talks lower back pain and exercise. He breaks down the Tr3 protocol and discusses how it can be complemented by certain movements. He highlights the significance of proper breathing, stretching, and how to accurately assess and monitor caloric expenditure. Connect with Bjoern Woltermann Instagram: @bwoltermann Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13

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Ep. 42 - Harnessing Your Potential: Exploring Neurofeedback, Heart-Brain Coherence, and Relationship Dynamics with Paola Telfer

Get ready to discover your potential and harness the power of your mind through a captivating conversation on neurofeedback and mediation with Paola Telfer, the creator of Sens.Ai. As we traverse the pulsating energy of LA, immerse yourself in the world of wellness trends and heart-brain coherence that the city is renowned for. We'll peel back the layers of the heart-brain relationship, offering insights into the vital role the heart plays in communication with the brain. Join us as we dive into the intricacies of relationships, exploring how marriage can serve as a reflection of our personal barriers and triggers, and the crucial role intention plays in building a strong bond. We shed light on tech-assisted neurofeedback's benefits in overcoming relationship hurdles and building meaningful connections. Paola Telfer shares her journey from electrical engineering to the creation of an innovative product combining biofeedback modalities. We highlight the significance of investing in training, the expense of conventional biofeedback methods, and the promising potential Sens.Ai holds for athletes and others seeking that competitive edge. Additionally, we venture into an engaging discussion on brainwave patterns, the impact of stimulants and psychedelics, the essence of lucidity, and the possibilities group brainwave synchrony holds to address global issues. Tune in for a thought-provoking, enlightening episode. Quote from the episode: "The world is busy and everything is trying to get our attention. It's our phones, it's the way we stack our calendars, and it's making us very distractible. We can't sit and meditate. First, let's get the nervous system balanced, and then let's train your ability to control your attention. It's very trainable, it's 15 minutes a day, and people can start being able to control their attention and that's huge." - Paola Telfer Learn more about Sens.Ai: Website: sens.ai Instagram: @sens.ai.inc Connect with Paola Telfer: Instagram: @paolatelfer Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13

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Ep. 41 - AI, Philanthropy, and the Power of Community in Business with True Classic Founder Ryan Bartlett

In this episode of One Day with Jon Bier, Jon sits with Ryan Bartlett to discuss how he found enormous success in the menswear industry after investing just $3000 to start his business. Jon and Ryan also explore the potential of AI in reshaping the business world, including the implications of AI lawyers. True to the spirit of innovation, Ryan dissects the potential disruption of on-demand apparel and the importance of the human touch in certain tasks. He explains how failing to foster community can lead to a company's downfall, speaking on the value of customer service, philanthropy in business, and the significance of location in creating opportunities for collaboration. Ryan Bartlett, founder of True Classic, went from a failed musician and poker player who slept in friends’ garages to founding a $260 million menswear company. Ryan, along with True Classic co-founders Nick Ventura and Matt Winnick, took a huge risk with a large upfront credit line to order the initial product. They sold $26,000 worth of clothing within the first month. From there, they scaled the company to the nine-figure brand that it is today. Powerful Quotes by Ryan Companies are taking a nosedive because they have lost touch with their audiences, what their audiences stand for, and what they want out of their product. We over-index on customer service. The customer is always right, even when they’re wrong. Key Highlights ·        Ryan shares how an initial investment of $3,000, a strategic partnership with a manufacturer, effective use of Facebook ads, and a strong creative strategy led to the business's rapid growth. It is important for startups to consider their market and identify areas where they can offer a better product or service. ·        Create immense value for the human beings that are your customers, and they will remain loyal to you forever. ·        Go above and beyond when it comes to customer service and make it a point to give back to the community. Fighting for a noble cause is also a huge contributor to a company’s success. ·        Ryan values the anonymity that comes with running a successful business. He believes that there is no upside to losing anonymity and becoming a celebrity, as it brings unnecessary scrutiny and pressure. ·        Incentivize collaboration and community, and leverage the power of networking by being intentional about the location in which you work. Connect with Ryan Bartlett Instagram: @ryanbartlett Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13

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Ep. 40 - Common Sense Healthcare: Using Ancient Remedies and Cutting Edge Innovations with Dr. Craig Koniver

In this episode of One Day with Jon Bier, Jon sits with Dr. Craig Koniver to discuss the ever-evolving landscape surrounding COVID-19, vaccines, and viruses. Dr. Koniver discusses the potential benefits of IV therapy, shedding light on the benefits of having a drip of curcumin, lactoferrin, and olive leaf extract. He also challenges the all-too-common practice of prescribing medication without exploring every viable option first. Dr. Koniver explores the fascinating world of peptides, ozone therapy, and VSELs in sports medicine, and the promising potential of wearables and telemedicine platforms for individualized health recommendations. Craig Koniver, MD, is a health and human performance expert in nutrient and science-driven protocols for performance and longevity. He has overseen more NAD+ and peptide therapies than any other physician in the world, and counts Fortune 100 CEOs, professional athletes, A-list Hollywood actors, and Special Forces servicemen among his many clients. Powerful Quotes by Dr. Koniver "I'm a clinician, not an academic, so I'm only interested in results. I don't want to have to wait 20 years for the academics to tell me it's okay to do something." "I was never for the mandates. I want everyone to be sovereign over their own choices." "The healthcare system works really well for acute injuries and some hardcore diseases, but it's not going to help you be your best self, perform your best, nor live your best life." Key Highlights As we have already seen with COVID-19 and its numerous variants, we have to take note that viruses, like the flu, change and morph every year, and so should the way we defend ourselves against these viruses. Lactoferrin can be used to naturally balance iron levels, while olive leaf extract has anti-inflammatory properties. Ozone therapy has potential for performance enhancement in professional sports. The benefits of small embryonic lineage cells can help reduce inflammation and rejuvenate organs. Peptides can likewise have potential benefits for athletes, but also potential side effects like fatigue, muscle loss, and thinning hair. We tend to overvalue how much we need to eat and undervalue how much we need to move. Connect with Dr. Craig Koniver Instagram: @koniverwellness Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13

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Ep. 39 - From WresleMania to CrossFit with Joshy G

In this episode of One Day with Jon Bier, Jon sits with Joshy G to discuss everything from comic books and collectibles to functional fitness and pro wrestling. Jon and Joshy dive into the world of kayfabe and the challenges the internet age has imposed on maintaining the illusion that pro wrestling isn’t staged. They also discuss how some celebrities, like Brock Lesnar, have harnessed kayfabe to their advantage. Finally, they touch on the importance of community within CrossFit gyms, and what to expect as the social media generation slowly takes over as the face of fitness and wrestling. Josh Gallegos, aka Joshy G, served for years in the Los Angeles community as a Coach and General Manager to some of the most popular functional fitness gyms in LA. Ever versatile, he also acts as emcee for many competitions both locally and nationally and is a head emcee’s for the Reebok CrossFit Games, televised on ESPN. Josh is a CrossFit Endurance Coach, as well as a CrossFit Level One and CrossFit Level Two Trainer. In his spare time, Josh co-writes programming for several professional wrestlers including, WWE Superstars, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Cesaro. Powerful Quotes by Joshy "If CrossFit wants to get back to the way it was so popular in its heyday, community has to come first." "You want to be able to understand the process if you want to be able to sell the product." Key Highlights Joshy discusses how CrossFit programming is a great way to get in a good workout without spending hours in the gym. He explains how great CrossFit workouts can range anywhere from 10-12 minutes, and breaks down the bodybuilding and Olympic lifting components typically incorporated into workouts. We explore the importance of creating a strong community within a CrossFit gym and how a leaderboard can be used to motivate or intimidate gym members. We examine the success of gyms like CrossFit South Brooklyn and CrossFit Soul in creating an environment that feels like a family. We also discuss how gyms can use events and merch to make it more than just a place to work out and how coaches can create an experience that is like an adult recess. Finally, we consider how CrossFit can use its infrastructure to cultivate community and make the open a bigger deal. The ultimate luxury in life is being comfortable in your own body. A gym or private trainer can do more than facilitate your health and fitness. They can, by extension, teach you life lessons and help you see improvement beyond your fitness. Connect with Joshy G Instagram: @joshyg27 Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13

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Ep. 38 - Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity: Exploring Precision Medicine with Dr. Florence Comite

In this episode of One day with Jon Bier, Jon talks with Dr. Florence Comite to discover the incredible potential of precision medicine in transforming our health and extending our life expectancy, all while maintaining top-notch quality of life. Listen in as Dr. Comite does a deep dive into the world of epigenetics, exploring how our genes and lifestyle choices can impact our overall health and well-being. She shares her team's groundbreaking work at the Center for Precision Medicine and Health, including predicting the death of James Gandolfini. Dr. Comite also discusses the exciting advancements in virtual medicine and personalized healthcare, touching on the importance of hormone balancing and its effects on our mood, heart health, and more. Dr. Comite is a physician-scientist and innovator in the field of precision medicine, internationally known for her expertise in leveraging N-of-1 data to detect, predict, and reverse disorders of aging for optimal health and vitality. In 2005, Dr. Comite founded the Center for Precision Medicine & Health in New York City, where she established a clinically proven, academic approach to personalized precision health care, structured as a clinical trial. Powerful Quotes by Dr. Comite "When we turn your health around at the cellular level—metabolically, hormonally, neurologically—we can keep you feeling great and living longer." "Your genes don’t have to be your destiny." Key Highlights Epigenetics is the study of how our genes and lifestyle are intertwined and the potential for increasing our life expectancy. We discuss how technology and innovation are making it increasingly possible to reach the potential of living to 150 years old. The market for health and wellness is booming and people are increasingly investing in their own health. But there are potential consequences when taking preventative health measures without professional advice. Understanding your individual needs is paramount. Virtual medicine can tell the story of how your body is functioning metabolically, and Covid has accelerated its popularity. Continuous glucose monitors and tests may be used to gain deeper insights into our health. Feelings of depression, moodiness, and even heart flutters can be connected to hormone levels. We discuss the complexity of balancing hormones for each individual, as well as how testosterone can be beneficial for both men and women, and how both age and lifestyle factors can contribute to hormone imbalances. Episode resources: Go to getneuro.com and use code “ONEDAY” at checkout for 15% off your entire order! Connect with Dr. Florence Comite Instagram: @drflorencecomite Website: groqhealth.com Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13

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Ep. 37 - Maintaining a Thriving Gut Microbiome with Colleen Cutcliffe

In this episode of One day with Jon Bier, Jon talks with Colleen Cutcliffe to break down the complexities of microbiome science. Listen in as Colleen highlights the importance of replenishing and maintaining a thriving gut microbiome in a modern society that overlooks its role as a cornerstone of health and wellness. She discusses the importance of the bacterium Akkermansia and why its regulation is key to gut health. Finally, Colleen discusses signs to look for which indicate a recovering microbiome, and how to ensure that recovery following chemo or taking an antibiotic. Colleen Cutcliffe is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Pendulum. Colleen has more than 25 years of experience leading and managing biology teams in academia, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. Prior to co-founding Pendulum, Colleen was the senior manager of biology at Pacific Biosciences and a scientist at Elan Pharmaceuticals. Powerful Quotes by Colleen There are so many diseases that are associated with the depletion of Akkermansia that it’s emerging as this keystone strain that you simply have to have. After you take an antibiotic, your microbiome is in its most vulnerable state. You have a blank slate, and what you decide to feed it now can make or break the playing field. Key Highlights A healthy microbiome “covers” us in bacteria, viruses, and fungi in order to be protected from allergens that are always present in our environment. Because of our modern focus on scrubbing ourselves clean of these bacteria, those allergens have the opportunity to directly interact with our immune system. This is why we’re experiencing an increase in allergies, asthma, immune and autoimmune responses. Multiple studies, including one by Mayo Clinic, reveal that children who are consistently on antibiotics are systematically more prone to obesity, diabetes, celiac disease, allergies, ADHD, etc. This is all due to their microbiome being unable to recover from the prolonged administration of antibiotics. The microbiomes of the healthiest people are composed of 3-5% Akkermansia, which is a huge number for a single strain. Episode resources: Go to getneuro.com and use code “ONEDAY” at checkout for 15% off your entire order! Connect with Colleen Cutcliffe LinkedIn: Colleen Cutcliffe Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13 Facebook: @jonbier13

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Ep. 36 - Building a Global Community of Athletes with Akin Akman

In this episode of One day with Jon Bier, Jon talks with Akin Akman to discover what it takes to build a borderless community of athletes. Listen in as Akin shares the mindset that drove him to become a professional athlete beginning at the age of seven and continues to influence his approach to coaching today. He explains how AARMY was able to successfully combine virtual and in-person training to create a true global fitness community. Akin Akman, AARMY's Co-Founder and Chief Fitness Officer, is widely considered the world's #1 Cycle Coach and one of the most successful Group Fitness Coaches globally. Powerful Quotes by Akin When you’re around the best in the world, it rubs off. For me, there is no failure if I create one athlete. If I can build one person up, I’m good. Key Highlights Focusing on smaller, more digestible goals helps you build a specific strategy that not only allows you to be number one, but also to be mentally strong enough to appreciate what it takes to be number one. A strong community is one where someone can walk in and feel at ease and on equal terms with everyone else. This is even truer in the sports and fitness world where competition and comparison between athletes happen by default. Technology has made it possible for anyone to train anytime, anywhere. However, especially when starting out, there is nothing that matches the energy of an in-person session. The best tactic is to use virtual training to supplement face-to-face training, as extra time to practice your baseline skills that are best learned and honed in person. Episode resources: Go to getneuro.com and use code “ONEDAY” at checkout for 15% off your entire order! Connect with Akin Akman LinkedIn: Akin Akman Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13 Facebook: @jonbier13

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Ep. 35 - Optimizing Your Body for Health and Longevity with Noosheen Hashemi

In this episode of One day with Jon Bier, Jon talks with Noosheen Hashemi who explains how the January AI app provides personalized and precise action steps to help its users take charge of their own health. Listen in as Noosheen shares how the necessity of eating a diverse, seasonal diet kept our ancestors healthy and resilient, her thoughts on food as medicine, the beauty of fasting, and a critical caveat when using GLP-1 for weight loss. Noosheen Hashemi is a tech veteran, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. She is the founder and CEO of January AI, a seed-stage precision health tech company that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to prevent, predict, postpone, and manage chronic disease. January AI is Noosheen’s answer to a healthcare industry that seemed to only address decline and disease, rather than prevention and progress. Powerful Quotes by Noosheen "Food is the medicine that you take three-to-six times a day." "A good number of people who have diabetes don’t have a 'why.' They weren’t waking up for something." Key Highlights The best diet is one that supports good gut health, which influences everything from inflammation, mood, energy, mental acuity, longevity, all the way to chronic conditions. A 70%-80% plant-based, high-fiber diet with minimal red meat, sugar, and processed foods is foundational. The January AI app paves the way for intentional, mindful eating by informing users how certain foods or food timing may personally impact them without having to “test” a new food, diet, or nutrition plan on themselves. Using GLP-1 for weight loss has its benefits, but as with any drug, there is no replacement for lifestyle. When we lose weight at a rapid pace, the lactobacillus in our gut increases, which often results in our regaining that weight just as quickly. Using such aids in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle is the best long-term strategy for weight loss. Episode resources: Go to getneuro.com and use code “ONEDAY” at checkout for 15% off your entire order! Connect with Noosheen Hashemi LinkedIn: Noosheen Hashemi Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13 Facebook: @jonbier13

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Ep. 34 - Helping Humans Live Better and Longer with Dr. Gil Blander

In this episode of One day with Jon Bier, Jon talks with Dr. Gil Blander who explains how InsideTracker has been the one of the leading players in the healthcare revolution, in which we’re seeing a dramatic shift from reactive and generic healthcare to personalized and proactive healthcare. Listen in as Dr. Blander shares how his fascination with the aging process led him down the path to helping humans live longer and with greater overall health by optimizing what’s happening inside the body. Dr. Gil Blander is internationally recognized for his research in the basic biology of aging and translating research discoveries into new ways of detecting and preventing age-related conditions. He received a Ph.D. in biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science and completed his Post Doctoral fellowship at MIT, before going on to found InsideTracker, a truly personalized nutrition and performance system, in 2009. Powerful Quotes by Dr. Blander Let’s help humans live better, longer, based on what’s happening inside the body. There is a real revolution of personalized nutrition and personalized longevity. Everyone now understands that you can live better, longer if you can take care of your body as well as you take care of your car. Key Highlights Blood is the backbone of InsideTracker, but it also measures factors such as neurogenomics (DNA) which say a lot about the challenges you might face in the future, such as the risk of high glucose. The device’s activity trackers which measure resting heart rate, sleep quality, stress levels, and Vo2 max. Collecting all of this data allows InsideTracker to make recommendations for improved health and wellness overall. Lifting heavy weights regularly (ex. deadlifts and squats) prevents degradation and promotes longevity. This is because, as we get older, we lose muscle mass, and we need to work harder to maintain it. Personalized health solutions work best when all the three legs of the stool are met: 1) solid behavioral science, 2) solid technology, 3) solid design. Episode resources: Go to getneuro.com and use code “ONEDAY” at checkout for 15% off your entire order! Connect with Dr. Gil Blander Instagram: @gilblander Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13 Facebook: @jonbier13

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Ep. 33 - Rebranding the Cannabis Industry with Joseph Sheehey

In this episode of One day with Jon Bier, Jon talks with Joseph Sheehey about shifting the narrative around the cannabis industry and becoming a pioneer in the future of supplements. The right type of CBD can be a life-changer for the right person. Listen in as Joseph reflects on his journey from being a NASA engineer to the founder of a CBD brand, and how he was able to rebuild his sense of identity and self-esteem largely with the help of psilocybin. He talks about growing a CBD brand in America and overseas while navigating the many legal limitations that the cannabis space continues to face. Overall, the mission of CURED Nutrition is to pave the way for the future of medicine by creating supplements that optimize life holistically, with the ultimate goal of fostering widespread acceptance of the CBD industry. Joseph Sheehey is a former NASA-contributing aerospace engineer, nationally distinguished physique competitor, and forward-thinking entrepreneur. Joseph holds extensive experience in human optimization through the design of nutrition, training, and introspective practices. An awakening to a lifelong struggle with depression set a fire ablaze to change this world through what is now CURED Nutrition. Powerful Quotes by Joseph “Our mission is to create what I believe to be the future of supplements.” “If you cut corners, even if you’re building a beautiful brand, you’re not serving anybody. That’s not a business model that’s ever going to work. If you can lead with the desire to actually serve and take responsibility for whatever it is you’re doing in the marketplace, there is no reason you should ever lose.” Key Highlights Joseph opens up about the moment he decided against committing suicide, and how he was able to release pent-up shame and reclaim his identity with what he calls his “psilocybin journey”. The overall mission of CURED Nation is to rebrand the cannabis industry by collaborating with health and fitness influencers. He believes that having these professionals representing the company will begin to change the narrative around cannabis. The future of medicine is one that is proactive and personalized. Soon, no longer will one-size-fits all programs be the norm, and everybody will be following a plan that has been tailored for their specific needs and goals. Episode resources: Go to lettucegrow.com and use code “ONEDAY” at checkout for 15% off your entire order! Connect with Joseph Sheehey Instagram: @josephsheehey Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13 Facebook: @jonbier13

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Ep. 32 - The Testosterone Crisis with Saad Alam

In this episode of One day with Jon Bier, Jon talks with Saad Alam about the dangerous effects of hormonal imbalances and low testosterone in men, its epigenetic implications, and how to address this relatively modern phenomenon. Saad does a deep dive into the testosterone crisis that inspired him to establish his company, Hone Health, explaining why testosterone is better than any drug at boosting holistic wellness and performance. Saad makes the case that supplementing with testosterone is not only a nice-to-have for today’s average man, but a foundational decision that affects every part of that man’s life—for a lifetime. Saad Alam is the Founder & CEO at Hone, an online clinic that treats men’s hormonal imbalances and low testosterone by offering at-home blood tests, 30 minute telehealth consults, and medications delivered directly to their door. Powerful Quotes by Saad If we’re talking about discretionary income, this is not discretionary. You need testosterone to literally live your life. As you age, you start to deposit that self-doubt of, “That’s just who I was when I was younger. I’ll never be like that.” That starts a negative fucking feedback cycle in your mind, and it just becomes who you are as you get older. If you nip that in the bud as quickly as possible and teach yourself to have a different thought pattern, you can accomplish so much more in your life. Key Highlights Testosterone stands above all other drugs primarily due to the fact that all others are episodic; whereas testosterone changes your entire being and does so for a lifetime, unstopped. If you have low testosterone and you supplement with testosterone as you get older, you will have fewer cardiovascular problems, lower your chances of developing diabetes and comorbidities, minimize depression and brittle bones, and live longer. Particularly when it comes to fitness, testosterone may help you win the mental battle, which always follows the physical battle (i.e. lifting heavy). Across the board, men’s testosterone is decreasing like never before. Men from three decades ago had an average of 26% more testosterone and 50% more sperm than today’s men. Episode resources: Go to getneuro.com and use code “ONEDAY” at checkout for 15% off your entire order! Learn More About Hone Health Instagram: @hone.health Twitter: @HoneHealth Facebook: @hone.your.health Visit their website Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13 Facebook: @jonbier13

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Ep. 31 - How to Transform Your Life with Real Food and Simple Habits with Mary Shenouda

In this episode of One day with Jon Bier, Jon talks with Mary Shenouda about her approach to crafting personalized, proactive healthcare for world-class performers. The first couple decades of Mary’s wellness journey is defined by nonstop pain and sickness, and doctors telling her that what she was going through was all in her head. After finally discovering that she was a Celiac, Mary decided to completely overhaul her diet and lifestyle while cutting out all of her prescription drugs. Within months, her symptoms reversed, and a lifetime of pain and sickness began to disappear. At that point, Mary decided to go all in on her journey as a private chef advocating the power that real food has when it comes to health and vitality. Mary Shenouda, aka The Paleo Chef, is a performance chef and consultant whose clients include elite professional athletes and top performers and entertainers. She is the creator of Phat Fudge—a tahini-based paleo, high fat, organic, focused ketogenic performance fudge, and the new health conscious solution to sugary performance food and drinks. Powerful Quotes by Mary We’re all carriers of some gene expression which could lead to something terrifying; but, it doesn’t mean that the gene ever has to express itself. Your lifestyle is going to determine that. Most people will benefit from doing really simple things: opening the window when they wake up, hydrating with some water, delaying their coffee, walking 30 minutes a day, getting some strength training in, and sleeping. It’s all free. Do all of that for six-to-eight weeks first, and then you can start to explore other things. Key Highlights Success is the sum total of a lot of different variables, and no two people will get the same mix of each variable, which include timing, luck, opportunity, and follow-through. When it comes to the lifelong journey of health and wellness, there is no one-size-fits-all and the answer to most questions is “it depends”—on your goals, unique needs, and lifestyle preferences. The wellness industry has recently evolved from generic and reactive to personalized and proactive. We’re in the midst of a revolution in which technology meets collaboration, giving each of us the tools to understand and keep up with what’s best for us at a given moment. For some people, meat is better served as a supplement to a meal rather than the main dish. Mary discovered that black cumin seed can aid in reducing the viral load of COVID-19. No professional athlete is doing keto, carnivore, or vegan. There is a big difference between eating according to lifestyle and eating to maximize performance. Episode resources: Go to lettucegrow.com and use code “ONEDAY” at checkout for 15% off your farmstand! Connect with Mary Shenouda Instagram: @paleochef Twitter: @paleochef Visit her website Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13 Facebook: @jonbier13

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Ep. 30 - Bringing High Performance to the Masses with Jeff Byers

In this episode of One day with Jon Bier, Jon talks with Jeff Byers about his professional football career and his transition into the health and wellness space.   As the owner of the highly-acclaimed company Momentous, Jeff does a deep dive into human optimization and performance, with a focus on cutting through the often confusing maze that is the supplement industry.   Jeff Byers is a former NFL lineman and the Founder and CEO of Momentous, a holistic wellness and nutrition company offering innovative products for world-class performance and health solutions for high performance seekers at all levels, from professional athletes to the members of the U.S. military.   Powerful Quotes by Jeff “Supplements”, to me, is a dirty word. We founded a company in which supplementation is our primary form of business; but, really, I view Momentous as a “leading high performance lifestyle company”: We’re giving people knowledge, tools, access to experts, and the best products in the world to make your life better.   How do we democratize high performance? How do we bring high performance to the masses? That doesn’t happen with just products. It happens with knowledge, content, guidance, and products.   Key Highlights The supplement industry has always been sketchy. But knowing what to take is just one side of the coin. The other important factor is knowing when to take certain products. Real experts don’t just tell you which supplement/s to take. They also give protocols: recommendations based on your goals. Cognitive longevity isn’t something that only football athletes need to worry about. Preventing dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other states brought on by mental decline all come down to supplementing for and adhering to a lifestyle that promotes cognitive longevity. Jeff focuses on maximizing connective tissue health, cognitive longevity, and sleep. His supplementation and lifestyle choices largely revolve around these three pillars for his long-term health and fitness. You don’t need a lot of supplements to thrive or even just to “give you an edge”. You just need the five or ten best products for your specific circumstances and goals. Everything else is mostly a waste of money.   Learn More About Momentous Instagram: @live.momentous Twitter: @LiveMomentous Visit their website   Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13 Facebook: @jonbier13

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Ep. 29 - Overcoming Addiction, Making Healthy Habits Enjoyable, and Optimizing Your Body With Andrew Herr

In this episode of One day with Jon Bier, Jon talks with Andrew Herr about overcoming addiction, making healthy habits enjoyable (and therefore sustainable), and optimizing your body for the long haul. In this multifaceted discussion, Andrew covers not only the practical side of taking control of your health and wellness but also the internal work that lays the foundation for lasting change. Andrew Herr has led human performance and biotech strategy efforts for the Pentagon, special operations personnel, and professional sports teams. He is the Founder & CEO of Fount, which offers the most comprehensive and customized health and performance programs in the world. Born out of research on how to enhance performance for the US military, Fount’s mission is to build programs that enable anybody to reach their goals in the office, on the court, at home, or wherever their ambitions take them. Powerful Quotes by Andrew There is no one-size-fits-all. Everybody’s immune system is so different. Let’s figure out the pathways and the tools that are helping, then double down. If something’s not helping, great. We’re just looking for the right tools for you. Food addiction is a real challenge for people; but, it’s a challenge that they can overcome. Like any addiction, there are ways to overcome it and there’s a reason it’s harder for some people than it is for others. But, watching people overcoming emotional eating is a really cool thing to see. The best part of it is that they end up just as happy eating less—or, often, happier. Key Highlights Andrew shines a spotlight on the foundational yet often overlooked aspect of recovery: sleep. “We’re really big on optimizing sleep. It’s the most powerful recovery tool in the entire toolkit,” he says. Most people don’t care about “health”, per se. They only care about four things: Performing well at your job or your mission; friends and family; sports and hobbies; how you look and feel. Because of this reality, incorporating long-term healthy habits comes down to having them complement one’s lifestyle. The only way to figure out how to unlock your body’s full potential is to run experiments. Andrew explains how Fount guides its clients through an “experiment journey” over 12-14 weeks to drive dramatic optimization. How do you determine the best way to fuel your body? Andrew breaks down his research and client observations regarding nutritional best practices, and explains why food psychology is such an important piece of the puzzle. Beware the all-you-can-eat joint! You may just be feeding an addiction without realizing it. Andrew encourages us that any addiction can be overcome, and that it’s completely worth it. Connect with Andrew Herr Twitter: @AndrewHerrBio Learn more about Fount Connect with Jon Bier Instagram: @jonbier13 Twitter: @jonbier13 Facebook: @jonbier13

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Ep. 28 - Work Culture and Authentic Leadership with Judy Turchin

In this episode of One Day we talk about: The early stages of Judy’s career working for a law firm and her experience in law school The ups and downs of the real estate market Judy’s experience working at Blackstone Real Estate and the work culture there Why Judy decided to take the leap and try something new with her career Judy’s role as Chief Operating Officer at Equinox, and the many benefits of working for a health & wellness company The importance of having a harmonic and friendly work environment where everyone is engaged in the company’s mission, which is essential to create a sense of overall purpose How COVID had a direct and heavy impact on the entire fitness industry and what the recovery was like Judy’s current work at a global advisory firm partnering with different clients and different brands Judy’s plans and upcoming projects “I’m a mother, I’m a wife, I’m a daughter, I’m a sister… I’m a woman in so many respects and that has colored my career and my life but I don’t view myself as a female executive, I just view myself as an executive.” – Judy Turchin Episode Resources Visit GetNeuro.com and use code ONEDAY to save 15% off! Connect with Judy LinkedIn: Judy Turchin Instagram: @judyturchin Connect with Jon Instagram: @jonbier13

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Ep. 27 - Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Metabolic Health with Dr. Casey Means

In this episode of One Day we talk about: Why monitoring glucose and being mindful of nutrients is important; Processed foods overload the body and don’t let the body function the way it is supposed to; Casey shares that 93.2% of Americans are metabolic unhealthy and 50% of American adults have been diagnosed with blood sugar problems; By keeping blood sugar at stable levels, we are giving relief to the body and allowing it to naturally “handle” the foods we are eating; Without good metabolism the body doesn’t work properly; The health care industry is currently going through a massive transformation; we have the power to prevent health issues more efficiently instead of dealing with the problem when you already have it; Levels is working for a future where diet philosophies will be irrelevant if the individual has optimal physiology. Different paths should lead to the same outcome; The carnivore diet has a lot in common with the philosophy of eating whole foods; Jon and Dr. Casey talk about what they do for fun. Casey reflects on anxiety and how it is such a waste of time because we end up predicting things that will happen in a completely different way (if they happen at all); Metabolic and blood sugar issues can directly impact fertility disorders and sexual health. “Everyone should be able to see what’s going on with their blood sugar if they have a blood sugar problem. Levels believes that even people before having this diagnosable condition should also have this information, so they can hopefully learn to have the awareness, understanding, and tools to avoid that fate.” – Dr. Casey Means Episode Resources The Blood Sugar Solution by Mark Hyman   Connect with Dr. Casey Website: www.levelshealth.com Connect with Jon Instagram: @jonbier13

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Ep. 26 - Growing Our Groceries and Making an Impact in the Environment with Jacob Pechenik

In this episode of One Day we talk about: Jacob’s background and how the fact that he saw things in a non-conformist way inspired him to create businesses that tried to solve problems; Food distribution problems - a great percentage of the freshness from vegetables is lost on the way from the farm to the grocery store; Growing our food could be the solution to a lot of the food industry problems, such as the distribution matter; Recycling and reducing the waste of water are key aspects of the way Lettuce Grow operates (it maintains and increases the nutrients of the produce); The cannabis industry and the differences between growing medicinal plants and food; We can all make an effort to consume more vegetables. It will eventually result in environmental improvements; The importance of having a well-balanced diet full of nutritious foods; The different diet philosophies that exist and the particularities of each one of them. “More than growing plants, we are growing farmers, and farmers are the caretakers of the planet. That’s the beginning of sustainability: knowing exactly how to care for the Earth. That’s really what I see is my job as a dad and my job for Lettuce Grow.” – Jacob Pechenik Episode Resources Go to LettuceGrow.com and use code ONEDAY to save 15% off! Connect with Jacob Instagram: @jacobpechenik Connect with Jon Instagram: @jonbier13

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Ep. 25 - Cleaning the Air with Every Breath We Take with Dr. David A. Edwards, Ph.D.

In this episode of One Day we talk about:  The importance of breathing slowly to help our airways stay hydrated and function at their best; The impact of Sars-CoV-2 on the organism and the differences between being exposed to COVID vs. being infected with the virus; Long-term benefits of combining exercising and breathing the right way; why some activities like exercising and singing need hydration; Meditation and the benefits of taking deep breaths from time to time throughout the day; The correlation between oxygen, flavors, and smells. The importance of eating nutritious foods to get the body functioning properly. “Because we are breathing wrong, too much air, and the air is dry, most of us have very dry airways, and, therefore, the clearance capacity of the airways, it turns out it fails. And that alone is really causing massive issues.” – Dr. David A. Edwards Episode Resources Visit GetNeuro.com and use code ONEDAY to save 15% off! Connect with Dr. David Website: www.davidideas.com Connect with Jon Instagram: @jonbier13

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Ep. 24 - Working for Google, Market Makers, and Believing (or Not) in God with Cameron Balahan

In this episode of One Day we talk about:  -The biggest differences (advantages and disadvantages) between being an entrepreneur and working for a big company; -Cameron talks about his main responsibilities at his job and how is to work for a global corporation such as Google; -Cameron and Jon discuss law practice since they met while working for the same firm, and Cameron gives a thorough explanation of market makers; -Is aging good or bad? Cameron and Jon also discuss the benefits of getting older, expressing their individual opinions on this process; -What’s the role that religion plays in life (and relationships), why technology is so important nowadays, and much much more! Tune in! “Working for someone often has benefits: you can learn, you can potentially make more money, you can open new doors, network better, and maybe temporarily is the right thing or maybe permanently is the right thing.” – Cameron Balahan In this episode of One Day we talk about: Episode Resources Go to LettuceGrow.com and use code ONEDAY to save 15% off! Connect with Cameron LinkedIn: Cameron Balahan Connect with Jon Instagram: @jonbier13

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Ep. 23 - Architecture, Business Hurdles, and Everything about Tiny Homes with David Latimer

Welcome to another brand new episode of One Day with Jon Bier. Today, Jon welcomes David Latimer to talk all things business, overcoming business obstacles, professional and personal projects, and the world of architecture. David shares the early stages of his brand, how he was able to expand it in unimaginable ways, and how 2020 was fundamental for growing the company despite everything the world went through. There is something really captivating about tiny homes, right? David explains a little bit more about the process of planning, creating, and building tiny houses, highlighting the importance of beautiful design and accurate functionality. David also talks about what, in his opinion, makes people so interested in this kind of creation and whether or not it has something to do with the hype around minimalism. Tune in! “Ultimately, what I love is creating an amazing, unique experience for people.” – David Latimer In this episode of One Day we talk about: Why tiny homes and small spaces are so captivating; The biggest obstacles to building and maintaining a business; The process of creating and building tiny homes; COVID impact on David’s business; New professional projects for New Frontier Design; David’s personal plans. Episode Resources Visit GetNeuro.com and use code ONEDAY to save 15% off! Connect with David Instagram: @davidlatimer Instagram: @newfrontierdesign Website: www.newfrontierdesign.com Connect with Jon Instagram: @jonbier13

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Ep. 22 - The Sustainable Luxury Leather Industry with Christy Plott

In this episode of One Day, Jon welcomes Christy Plott. Christy is the Creative Director and Partner of American Tanning & Leather and today she shares a lot about her work, the details and behind-the-scenes of the alligator/crocodile leather industry, and why this is such an interesting but, at the same time, controversial area of expertise. Above all else, Christy highlights the ethical and sustainable mission behind the brand. More than the leather industry itself, Jon and Christy also talk about the other numerous related topics associated with it, such as the fashion industry, the fact that the great majority of people care about investing in good and expensive fashion products, the practice of using these unconventional animals for entertainment, and the situation of the environment that they live in. Tune in to learn more! “I look at this as an industry that provides jobs for people in rural areas, allows nature to be kept in its most pristine form, and recovers species.” – Christy Plott In this episode of One Day we talk about: Christy gives an overview on this industry and why it might be controversial; The sustainable aspect of Christy’s company; The current situation of where these animals live; high mortality rates; Christy talks about how this is an industry that creates jobs among the states; The business relations with farmers; Veganism and being true to our principles; Utilizing alligators and crocodiles for entertainment; The fashion industry and the importance of investing in good products. Episode Resources Visit GetNeuro.com and use code ONEDAY to save 15% off! Connect with Christy Instagram: @queenofgatorInstagram: @americantanning Connect with Jon Instagram: @jonbier13

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Ep. 21 - Being Competitive, Authentic Martial Arts, and New Professional Projects with Ralek Gracie

In this episode of One Day, Jon welcomes Ralek Gracie to talk all things jiu jitsu, martial arts, being competitive, and everything related to living your best life. Ralek talks about the creation of Metamoris, a jiu jitsu organization founded by him and home of several events involving many of the best BJJ players and martial artists in the world. Today, Ralek shares a little bit about new projects, both personal and professional ones. Tune in! “You breathe and you connect with the right people and you engage and you do what martial arts teach you, which is to sense and connect and respond as effectively as you can – and that’s life.” – Ralek Gracie In this episode of One Day we talk about: Important lessons of jiu jitsu and the creation of Metamoris; The role that the press plays on this sport in general; Having a vision for a business vs. knowing how to operate a business; The importance of respecting and being aware of someone else’s struggles; Seeing an experience is completely different from feeling an experience (which was the inspiration for Ralek’s travels around the world); Functional fitness and experiencing martial arts in real life; How competition can be part of success; Ralek’s new personal and professional projects; Ralek’s work with personal students. Episode Resources Visit GetNeuro.com and use code ONEDAY to save 15% off! Connect with Ralek Instagram: @ralekvisionInstagram: @genzaiworld Connect with Jon Instagram: @jonbier13

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Ep. 20 - Can Basketball Save the World? with Professor David Hollander

In this episode of One Day, Jon interviews Professor David Hollander to talk about basketball (and a few other things). Professor David talks about the many metaphors that can exist between the sport and other super important areas of life like science and history and how the same principles taught in sociology and philosophy can be applied into basketball lessons as well. His upcoming book goes live in February 2023. The content available in the book tries to show us a new way of thinking and a new way of setting parameters in modern times. According to the author, some basketball rules and guidelines and values (like companionship and cooperation) are just the right tool we need to face global problems like racism and economy setbacks. Tune in to listen to the whole discussion about this and other relevant topics!  “It’s unbelievable how little space we have just for us, just for our thoughts, just for ourselves, and so a basketball court has been a meditative space for a lot of people.” – Professor David Hollander In this episode of One Day we talk about: Money at the gilded age and entrepreneurship coming to life; Inflation and its connection with people quitting their jobs; The future of the working industry in the country; Drugs and alcohol glamorization; Professor David talks about the principles of his book; How these principles can change society and set a new way of thinking; Can basketball be the answer? Stress management and how to control ego. Episode Resources Visit GetNeuro.com and use code ONEDAY to save 15% off! Connect with Jon Instagram: @jonbier13

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Ep. 19 - Social Media Detachment and Why Do People Hate Online? with Ariel Helwani

In this episode of One Day, Jon welcomes Ariel Helwani to talk about a lot of things. Ariel shares his work and routine, how he splits up his week and what he does to relax. One of the main topics of the episode is the importance of detaching a little bit from social media and the online world to be present, enjoy the moment, and hang out with real people. Looking at a screen for too many hours is not good for you! Jon and Ariel, who are close friends by the way, also discuss the “cancel culture” and how judgmental people are getting online. Creators that produce content should be held responsible for what they talk and for their opinions, but Ariel doesn’t think the hate is proportional. Business, grounding, being inspired by other people, and beard styles are also great highlights on this episode, so tune in! “I don’t necessarily love the term ‘cancel culture’. I think there should be repercussions and I think there should be accountability. I hate the idea of people actively trying to ruin people’s lives.” – Ariel Helwani In this episode of One Day we talk about: The do’s and dont’s of beard styles; The current status of our friendship; Ariel’s method of work and how he splits up his routine; Why inner peace and grounding can also be good for business; Social media is probably taking too much of your attention; Being inspired and influenced by other creators; Cancel culture and hate online should be cancelled; WWE and MMA; Episode Resources Visit GetNeuro.com and use code ONEDAY to save 15% off! Connect with Ariel Instagram: @arielhelwani Connect with Jon Instagram: @jonbier13

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Ep. 18 - Football Challenges, Business School, and Living Many Lives with Arie Kouandjio

In this episode of One Day, Jon welcomes Arie Kouandjio to discuss all things football, coaches, and how people can be an inspiration for us in all areas of life. Arie shares that he was very lucky from a young age to have a coach that guided him, pointed him in the right direction, and helped him get prepared not only for the challenges of football, but also for the challenges of the day-to-day life. “I learned a ton in football. However, the things I value the most and things that I think will be beneficial to me for the next 20, 30 years will be some of the other lessons.” – Arie Kouandjio Jon and Arie also talk about the obstacles of managing a company, the importance of trusting the employees, delegating tasks, and keeping a healthy environment in the company. Throughout the episode, you will also listen to Jon and Arie’s opinions on the new forms of investments nowadays, NFT (what’s up with that?), and what lessons Arie is learning from his current business school. Tune in! In this episode of One Day we talk about: Football and the importance of coaches to prepare players; A coach can prepare you not just for the field, but for life; Innovation, creativity and new ideas coming to light; The difference in terms of appreciation when we pay for things or invest in things, and when we get this thing for free; Charity and how does it make people feel; Business school lessons that turn into something more in adulthood; The challenges of managing a company. Episode Resources Visit PlutoPillow.com/OneDay and save $10 on your entire order! Connect with Arie LinkedIn: Arie Kouandjio Connect with Jon Instagram: @jonbier13

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Ep. 17 - A Message to Ford: I Still Love and Believe In You, but You Can Do Better

So, what’s the deal with the car industry? Jon has some personal opinions on it, especially regarding Ford’s new edition of the classic Bronco. Cool brands usually come up with cool solutions for their problems but sending lots and lots of marketing products to our houses while they put us on hold for something is the opposite of cool, or is it? Give this episode a listen as Jon takes you through his own experience of being on an incredibly long waitlist for a car that had its production delayed for some reason.  “I’m really amazed that this iconic American brand decided to send me things that I don’t want to remind me that the thing that I want is not available.” – Jon Bier In this episode of One Day we talk about: Jon’s message to Ford; Cars and why do we need to customize it? The special day that the new Bronco was announced; Connect with Jon Instagram: @jonbier13

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Ep. 16 - Take a Sugar Break with Scarlett Leung

In this episode of One Day, Jon brings to you a conversation with Scarlett Leung, who is the co-founder and CEO of Sugarbreak. Sugarbreak has the mission to bring awareness to our health, provide different solutions for sugar and sugary foods, and help, in some way, the alarming numbers of obesity and diabetes that have been increasing over the last few years.  “Sugarbreak is an all natural support system to help you take control of your relationship with sugar. It’s using all natural ingredients that were clinically tested for efficacy.” – Scarlett Leung In addition, Scarlett also shares a good bit of the early stages of her career, starting to follow the path of entrepreneurship and how she could identify, as a young woman, that building a business was really the right thing to do for her. The conversation also highlights the importance of proper nutrition, and how we, as a modern society, can fight obesity, blood disorders, and eating disorders, among other things. Tune in! In this episode of One Day we talk about: The early stages of Scarlett’s entrepreneur career; The various moments of inspiration Scarlett had to build her brand; Proper nutrition and what it means to “eat healthy”; What is Sugarbreak and how the company brings awareness to such an important topic; Obesity, eating disorders, and how we can fight these healthy problems. Episode Resources Visit GetNeuro.com and use code ONEDAY to save 15% off! Connect with Scarlett Instagram: @scarlett_Leung | @takeasugarbreak Website: www.sugarbreak.com Connect with Jon Instagram: @jonbier13

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Ep. 15 - Living Your True Self with Kimberly Snyder

This episode of One Day is immensely special. Today, I welcome Founder and CEO of Solluna, multiple-time best-selling author, and my incredibly insightful wife, Kimberly Snyder, to talk about her new book, You Are More Than You Think You Are: Practical Enlightenment for Everyday Life. Kimberly has spent years studying all kinds of spiritual scriptures and Vedic texts, truly becoming a well-researched student of yogic philosophy and “practical enlightenment”. Kimberly has distilled all the knowledge and wisdom she has cultivated over the years, simplifying it into this book. By inspiring others to embark on a conscious path, Kimberly is impacting the world and I’m so excited for her. I believe this is the beginning of a whole new era for Kimberly, so join us to be a part of the journey! To buy Kimberly’s book, You Are More Than You Think You Are, visit: www.mysolluna.com/youaremore In this episode of One Day, we talk about: Making products and building a brand: The Masculine vs. The Feminine Consciously utilizing land and plants Going into 2022 enjoying complete stillness The core focus of Kimberly’s new book & Why this book is different than her other books The difference between living from the ego and living from the true self What I experienced when I read You Are More Than You Think You Are Overcoming fear, cultivating inner peace, and using our gifts for enlightened creation What is enlightenment? How do I become enlightened? The impact of the ego on your quality of life Lessons in ancient books, like Autobiography of a Yogi and The Bhagavad Gita The busier you are, the more regularly you should meditate… why? How the illusive chase for success and the need for validation is tied to a lack of self-love “So many people are interested in newness and trends, but there’s so much value in the old and in these ancient teachings are the things that I think can really help us in modern life… This is needed now more than ever. The world that we’re living in, people need to tune into the light inside of themselves.” - Kimberly Snyder Connect with Kimberly: Follow her on Instagram: @_kimberlysnyder @sollunabyks Visit her website: www.mysolluna.com  Connect with Jon: Follow me on Instagram: @jonbier13  

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Ep. 14 - Whiskey, Martial Arts, and the Art of Branding with Jason Harris

Jason Harris is a speaker and best-selling author. He is the co-founder and CEO of the independent ad agency, Mekanism and the founder of Creative Alliance. Jason is an awesome dude. I connected with him within ten minutes after meeting him and I loved having him on the podcast. We hadn’t had a drink in a while and shared some whiskey for this conversation, so things get interesting. In this episode of One Day: Comparing Gotham city and New York Talking alcohol UFC and the differences in martial arts What it was like working with Joe Biden Free speech and being offensive Fostering a relationship with money The new world of branding Follow Jason: Instagram: @jason_harris Website: jasonharris.nyc Book: The Soulful Art of Persuasion Connect with Jon: Instagram: @jonbier13 Check out @gabbyelanjewelry Head over to plutopillow.com/oneday to try out the Pluto Pillow

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Ep. 12 - Wellness as a Growth Industry, CrossFit as a Brand, and What Playing Sports Can Teach You About Running a Business with Matt Lombardi

Matt Lombardi is a former professional hockey player and co-founder/owner of beam, a CBD forward holistic wellness brand. We go into the market for CBD, the ups and downs of CrossFit, the entrepreneurial space, and how Matt started his company with no previous experience. Matt has a great story and this was a fantastic conversation In this episode of One Day: How mental wellness went from never talked about to a massive industry Working from anywhere and the entrepreneurial landscape Why CrossFit is culty in a good way Matt’s story and process of starting beam Follow Matt: Instagram: @mattlombardi24 | @beam Website: beamorganics.com Connect with Jon: Instagram: @jonbier13 Use the code oneday at check for 15% off at 101cider.com  

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Ep. 13 - Coming out of Retirement and Placing 2nd in the CrossFit Games, Dudes with Thumb Rings, and Chicken Wings with Lauren Gravatt

Johnny Cakes is back with Lauren Gravatt, who by the way is the very person that gave me the name. She was my Crossfit coach for about three years and I’m super happy to have her on the show. We go into the lead up of how she went from retired professional athlete to coming back and taking second place in the games when she wasn’t even planning it. She is an incredibly interesting and wonderful human and I’m excited for you to listen in on this conversation. In this episode of One Day: The meaning of all that glitters is not gold Stoneos and Crossfit diets Chappelle special and getting canceled From retirement to the CrossFit games Crossfit as a brand Fitness, Pharma, and healthcare Follow Lauren: Instagram: @lgthunder Connect with Jon: Instagram: @jonbier13 Head over to getneuro.com and use code oneday at checkout for 15% off your order

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Ep. 11 - God and Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Religion, Atheists, and Heaven with Rabbi Peretz

Rabbi Peretz is a cool, wild, funky guy who’s fun and doesn’t judge others. He’s just a guy who’s conscious, religious, and Jewish in the modern sense. We go into a lot and this was one of my favorite conversations I’ve had so enjoy. In this episode of One Day: Speaking the entrepreneur language Talking about the Rabbi thing Modern Religion and Spirituality The afterlife discussion Love, marriage, and family The practice of knowing who you are Follow Rabbi Peretz: Instagram: @rabbiperetz Website: rabbiperetz.com Podcast Connect with Jon: Instagram: @jonbier13 Check out morozkoforge.com

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Ep. 10 - On Life, Death, and Friendship with Nikki Gouzopoulos

Nikki is a death doula, which sounds like something that could be guarding Azkaban but being a death doula is a calling and she has an incredible story. I’m in awe of her mission in life and this conversation is heavy, beautiful, fun, and funny. Give this one a listen and let me know what you think! In this episode of One Day: Unemployable entrepreneur  Reiki and the woo woo that works for you Shadow work in relationships The process of losing a father The role of a death doula Follow Nikki: Instagram: Connect with Jon: Instagram: @jonbier13 Head over to getneuro.com and use code oneday at checkout for 15% off your order

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Ep. 9 - Hawaii, Conscious Relationships, and Once in a Blue Moon Experiences with Kimberly Synder

The first returning guest is here again. My radiant wife Kimberly and I are recording for the first time from our new farm in Hawaii. This is just like any other tangential conversation that might open a hundred loops and close nine of them. But this time, it’s recorded. Some of the things we discuss are our experiences in an intentional relationship, hippie-dippy horoscopes, religion, and the intensity of air hockey tournaments. In this episode of One Day What it’s like becoming Hawaii locals Hiking, farming, and Walmart Are Astrology and Tarot readings real? Belief structures, self-sabotage, and conscious relationships Scripture, Jesus, and Yogananda Connect with Kimberly Instagram: @_kimberlysynder @sollunabyks Website: mysolluna.com Connect with Jon Instagram @jonbier13 Use the code oneday at check for 15% off at 101cider.com

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Ep. 6 - Confidence, Leaving Social Media, and Doing Things Your Own Way with Ariel Helwani

Today’s unbelievable guest is someone I’ve had the privilege of knowing for a long time, Ariel Helwani. Ariel is obsessive in the best possible way and is an example of success in every sense of the word. He has been a key piece in the fabric of MMA, as a broadcaster and journalist. In this episode, we’re talking about his decision to move from ESPN to independent, the evolution of his career, and what’s happening next. In this episode of One Day: Success needs community Canada Day Controversy Changing your mind after learning new information How a conversation changes when it’s recorded The end of social media Expanding what fatherhood means What makes people great How the UFC is changing Follow Ariel: Instagram Twitter: @Arielhelwani Youtube: Ariel Helwani Connect with Jon: Instagram @jonbier13 Head over to getneuro.com and use code oneday at checkout for 15% off

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Ep. 5 - Gaining Consciousness, Road Rage, and Not Taking Things Personally with Kimberly Synder

The most important guest the show will ever have is back. Founder and CEO of Solluna, multiple-time best-selling author, and my lovely wife, Kimberly Synder. This particular podcast goes into what leads people to a plant-based diet, the need for judgment, loving ourselves to love others, and why stress reduction is a top priority. In this episode of One Day Theoretically not needing food If you really have to sell it, you shouldn’t buy it What it means to open up the chakras Stress reduction above all Financial wellness as a part of well-being Judgment creates separation, starting with ourselves Spirituality to stroke the ego Connect with Kimberly Instagram: @_kimberlysynder @sollunabyks Website: mysolluna.com Connect with Jon Instagram @jonbier13 Use the code oneday at check for 15% off at pulpculture.la Use the code oneday at check for 15% off at 101cider.com

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Ep. 4 - Plants, Pulp Culture, and Politics with Brendan Brazier

Brendan Brazier is a former professional Ironman triathlete and two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon champion. Brendan strives to fix our food system through investing in and working with socially responsible food and tech companies. After 14 years of no alcohol, he co-founded Pulp Culture, a hard-pressed juice brand creating nutrient-dense alcoholic beverages.    In this episode of One Day: Malt Liquor and sparkling water: What to learn from white claw Jon’s day in the life The division of vegans and the carnivores An entrepreneur uninterested in business Is the economy wrong? Health insurance and consequences to actions Founding fathers and the American experiment   Follow Brendan: Instagram Website Linkedin Connect with Jon: Instagram @jonbier13

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Ep. 3 - Altered States, Helping the World, and Going all in with Luke Stedman

Luke Stedman is a retired surfing legend, movement coach, and male model. He’s one of the most interesting and easy going people I know and today we’re talking about his experience as a surfer, a jiu jitsu practitioner, and traveling the world. In this episode of One Day: Emotional intelligence and ego dissolution Responsible drug use  Creative sales and brand storytelling  The feeling of flow state sports The best fighters in UFC The health of politicians Why we should experience other cultures Follow Luke: Instagram luke.stedman Website surfblackball.com Connect with Jon: Instagram @jonbier13 Head over to getneuro.com and use code oneday at checkout for 15% off

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Ep. 2 - Jiu-Jitsu, Men, and Babies in the Ocean with AJ Agazarm

In this episode, Jon is diving into the world of Jiu-Jitsu with AJ Agazarm, a world champion black belt and Bellator mixed martial artist. Buckle up, the conversation covers everything from how to craft a great roast and reading texts from Jake Paul, to fighter beef and robot training partners. In this episode of One Day What makes a good comedy roast Clubhouse and NFTs  Learning bots for training The muting of masculinity  Jake Paul vs. Mario Lopez The start of flograppling  The state of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  Follow AJ Instagram @thefloridaboy Website Connect with Jon Instagram @jonbier13

59 mins

Ep. 1 - God, Halitosis, and Burning an Eternal Flame with Kimberly Snyder

It’s Jon’s turn to lead the conversation and he’s saying what he wants. This episode is going from participation trophies to creating deep connections in relationships. Today, Jon’s soulmate Kimberly Snyder is on the show to talk about family, personal health, spirituality, and relationship dynamics.   In this episode of One Day Haters and internet trolls Bad breath and bad diets What does meditation actually mean Fake people in a real world The most overlooked question in relationships Parenting dynamics   Connect with Kimberly Instagram: @_kimberlysynder @sollunabyks Website: mysolluna.com   Connect with Jon Instagram @jonbier13