37 mins

Turn A Crazy Idea Into A Very Real Business

One night, Holden Forrest drew a wild idea on the back of his daughter's math homework: What if he could lower a house into the ground, as a way to escape oncoming wildfires? He couldn't shake this idea, so he started researching whether it's possible — and now, years later, he has a company called HiberTec, multiple patents, groundbreaking technology, and is raising money to build his first prototype. On this episode, Holden explains how to turn a big idea into a real business. You can learn more and invest in HiberTec at https://republic.com/hibertec-homes

32 mins

How to Build (or Join) A Useful Community

"Community" has become a buzzword — but when it's done right, it's also an incredibe tool. This is where you find support from others. It's a living, breathing resource. In this episode, Jason Feifer talks with Pat Flynn, cofounder of the community Smart Passive Income, about how to build and foster great relationships. And if you're building a business or audience online, you can now join and interact with them both inside the SPI community! Learn more at https://bit.ly/SPI-Jason

31 mins

When You Have A Solution People Don't Know They Need

Sometimes, a company creates an amazing solution... but clients don't understand why they need it. What do you do then? Garry Cooper has the answer, because it's exactly what he had to do at his company Rheaply. Here's the problem, as Rheaply saw it: At large companies, employees often buy things the company already has. They also throw out things the company could still use. That's because there's no way for everyone in the company to know what they have, what they need, and how to get items across that divide. Garry and his team built Rheaply to solve that problem. It helps companies reuse products... if only they could get clients to recognize this as a problem, and realize the value of the solution. Here's how Rheaply did it. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com/innovation

33 mins

How to Leave Social Media and Still Grow Your Business

This may sound counterintuitive, but your business doesn't HAVE to be on social media. In fact, social media might not even be the best tool for your growth. Amelia Hruby, host of the podcast Off the Grid, explains how to leave social media without hurting your business — and the many other marketing tools that you should pour your energy into instead.

26 mins

He Got 450,000 Newsletter Subcribers by Sharing "Nice News"

People often say they want positive news stories, but they rarely read them. Sean Devlin wanted to know: Why? So he set out to find out — and has since built a newsletter, called Nice News (at nicenews.com), that now has 450,000 subscribers. So how did he do it? And how can you build a strong newsletter for any niche subject? That's what we discuss on this episode of Problem Solvers. Sponsor: Harvard Business Review.  Access's HBR's unlimited content start at only $10 a month. visit www.hbr.org/subscriptions and enter PROMO CODE: SOLVERS to take advantage of this great offer.

35 mins

Why "People First" Is Better Than "Customer First"

Lots of companies say they put their customers first, but what does it mean to be a truly people-centric organization? According to Rah Mahtani, Alibaba.com's head of marketing for North America, it means changing the way you think about your customers — as well as the products you design for them, and the marketing you create to reach them. Here, he breaks down some great "people-centric" examples of product design, and explains how Alibaba brings people (aka customers!) into their process.

38 mins

Who Should Solve Our Biggest Problems?

How can we solve the biggest problems, in our company or our world, if we can't agree on what the problem is or who wants to solve it? Here's a case study that'll surprise you. Climate change is described as a “generational battle,” in which young people care and older people don’t. But this is a perfect example of how we think about generations all wrong — and that has big consequences. If we can drop our assumptions about generational divides, we might just have a shot at solving some of the world’s most urgent problems. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com/innovation

25 mins

How to Be More Human In A Time of AI

Cal Fussman is a master storyteller, and he's been thinking a lot about AI lately. Why? "This debate between authenticity and artificial intelligence is the battle of the next millennium," he says. When robots can communicate for us, how can we be more human? When we can automate much of our writing and production, how do we share our authentic selves and connect to others? These questinos have never been more important, and Cal — host of the podcast "Big Questions" and former Esquire writer who's interviewed major celebrities and CEOs — has some very surprising answers.

26 mins

How to Tell Sexy Stories About Unsexy Brands

Not every company has a whiz-bang product, so how can you make it pop? Squarespace Chief Creative Officer David Lee has done that, winning tons of awards and making campaigns with the likes of Adam Driver, Zendaya, Dolly Parton, Keanu Reeves and John Malkovich (which earned him an Emmy). Here, he offers a unique way for entrepreneurs to think about their brands, and some big questions to ask when you start crafting your new stories.

26 mins

Small Biz Special: How A Magic Show Became Popular

How can a comedy/magic show compete against every other entertainment option, especially when most people aren't thinking of going to magic shows? In this special episode celebrating Entrepreneur and Yelp's list of America's Favorite Mom & Pop Shops, we take an inside look at Trickery in Chicago — by zeroing in on one customer interaction, and what made it so special. This episode is in partnership with the podcast Behind the Review.

21 mins

How to Sound Smart and Memorable, Anytime

Want to sound smarter? Want to be more comfortable speaking on the fly, whether it's giving a presentation or just rolling with a conversation? You don't have to memorize what you're saying, but you do need a structure that helps your ideas stick. Stanford lecturer Matt Abrahams, author of the new book "Think Faster, Talk Smarter", explains how to do it — and offers some specific structures you can start using today.

26 mins

Can An Entrepreneur Be An Activist?

Seth Goldman wants to change people's behavior, and he sees business as the way to do it. He founded Honest Tea, chaired the board of Beyond Meat, and now has a company called Eat the Change. In this conversation, he discusses how to be a pragmatic activist, and what it really takes to build a sustainable, mass market brand. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com/innovation

28 mins

Small Biz Special: How A Small Gym Stays Strong

How can a small gym compete against a world of big, well-funded chains? In this special episode celebrating Entrepreneur and Yelp's list of America's Favorite Mom & Pop Shops, we take an inside look at Ambitious Athletics in Washington DC — by zeroing in on one customer interaction, and what made it so special. This episode is in partnership with the podcast Behind the Review.

27 mins

Don't Just Sell A Product. Champion An Idea!

Joelle Mertzel is the president of Kitchen Concepts Unlimited, and the self-declared "national advocate for countertop butter." What's that last part about? It's her way of drawing more attention and expanding her marketplace — and it's working. Today, she explains the benefits of creating a cause... instead of just selling a product.

29 mins

Small Biz Special: How A Small Theater Gets Attention

How can a small theater compete against a world of big, well-funded entertainment? In this special episode celebrating Entrepreneur and Yelp's list of America's Favorite Mom & Pop Shops, we take an inside look at Illusions Bar & Theater in Baltimore — by zeroing in on one customer interaction, and what made it so special. This episode is in partnership with the podcast Behind the Review.

23 mins

The Most Annoying Tech Mystery, Solved!

Have you ever called a company, given your information to an automated phone system, and then had to repeat that same information to a human customer service agent? Why do that twice? It's so annoying! On this episode, we get the answer (and an important lesson on tech adoption!) from Eric Skeens and Brandon Bird of 3 Tree Tech.

28 mins

Why Eco-Friendly Products Keep Failing

People say they want eco-friendly products, but they rarely actually buy them. Why? Because their marketing is all wrong. Utah State University marketing professor Ed Stafford explains.  Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com/innovation

25 mins

Where the Greatest Creative Ideas Come From

Simplicity! In this episode, legendary creative Peter Arnell (who helped shape DKNY, Samsung, PepsiCo, and more) breaks down his creative process — and shares how to make the most complex ideas memorably simple. Peter's new book is "Peter Arnell: Portfolio 1980 - 2020".

39 mins

The Greatest Meetings Policy Ever

At The Lactation Network, anyone can opt out of any meeting. Why? Because CEO Sarah Kellogg Neff has a philosophy about meetings and company culture — and you need to hear it.

33 mins

Why More Creative People Should Be In Leadership Roles

Advertising legend David Droga, founder of Droga5 and now head of Accenture Song, explains why there should be more creatives in the C-suite — and why creatives should start seeing themselves as business leaders.

22 mins

Prepare for the Worst With "The Flexible Method"

James Burstall is a high-powered entertainment producer, but he's also a guy who saved his business from disaster many times. His new book, The Flexible Method, offers a 16-point way to prepare for and navigate any disaster. He shares some of his points here.

19 mins

How to Make Customers 28% Happier!

Multiple studies prove it: Sustainable products make people happier, and inspire them to spend more money. We go through the research with Thomas McKinlay of Ariyh.com. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com/innovation

33 mins

How to Speak and Be Truly Understood

What you say is important, but how you say it matters even more. Tone coach Marshall Davis Jones, author of the new book "Tonal Influence", explains how to master the meaning behind your words.

47 mins

Why LinkedIn Doesn't Want You Going "Viral"

LinkedIn has made some big changes to its algorithm. So what kind of posts does the system now reward? LinkedIn editor in chief Dan Roth and director of product Alice Xiong walk us through it.

22 mins

Find Meaningful Work in a Post-Career World

How do you find meaningful work? Start by recognizing what is meaningful. Bruce Feiler, author of "The Search", breaks down the lies we tell ourselves about work, the many different jobs we have, and the literal ABCs of meaning.

24 mins

Everything You Know About Dieting Is Wrong

Entrepreneurs need to take better care of themselves, but the health advice we hear is often so strange and conflicting. What's real? Adam Bornstein, author of the new book "You Can't Screw This Up", offers the entrepreneur's guide through the messy world of wellness.

30 mins

Write Emails That People Actually Open

Expert copywriter Laura Belgray explains what you're doing wrong in your emails (and especially your newsletters), and how a few simple changes can boost open rates and engagement. Laura's copywriting company is at TalkingShrimp.com, and her new book is "Tough Titties: On Living Your Best Life When You're the F'ing Worst". — Book time with Jason at intro.co/jasonfeifer

22 mins

Running Ads Inside Fortune Cookies?

How do you take a crazy idea, and turn it into an actual business? Matt Williams, the cofounder and Chief Cookie Officer of OpenFortune, explains how he's built a business by creating an entirely new kind of advertising space.

30 mins

When Someone Has More Power Than You

How do you navigate tricky power dynamics at work? Leadership consultant (and author of the new book "Quick Confidence") Selena Rezvani has the answer. And it all starts by working with the person... and not their power.

32 mins

How to Talk About Hard Things

Our culture is full of difficult, important, hot-button issues — and even if you want to avoid them, you can't always. Sometimes you need to discuss or address them. So, how? Paul Kix has spent a long time figuring that out with his new book, "You Have To Be Prepared To Die Before You Can Begin To Live." On this episode, he explains how to do it with honesty and humility.

34 mins

How to Catch and Hold Someone's Attention

In this special 300th episode, Jason reveals some of the biggest lessons he's learned in communications — including a fascinating shift in podcasting, how to build a newsletter people really want to read, and more. If you want to reach an audience of any kind, even just an audience of one, you'll want to hear this.

32 mins

"I Feel Behind in My Career. Help!"

This episode turns into a Sliding Doors special. Jason talks to a former colleague from 20 years ago, whose career didn't turn out the way he hoped for, and then offers advice on how to play catch up. This episode is from Jason's other podcast, Help Wanted, which you can find here: https://link.chtbl.com/LsYdERXQ

30 mins

Why, Like, It's Good to Use Words Like "Like"

Our speech is full of likes, ums, and you knows, and that's not a bad thing. Sociolinguist Valerie Fridland, author of the new book "Like, Literally, Dude" explains the critical purpose these phrases play in our speech, and why you should embrace them.

37 mins

Are You Too Curious For A Traditional Career?

You don't want to be locked down. You'd rather have multiple sources of income. But how? Eloise Skinner, author of the new book "But Are You Alive?", explains. Our sponsors: Sunday - Get 20% off when you visit getsunday.com/PROBLEMSOLVERS at checkout. Factor - Head to factormeals.com/problemsolvers50 and use code problemsolvers50 to get 50% off your first box.

32 mins

Very Real Talk About Launching A Startup

This is how founders should always talk! Chris Mears has been in startups for 20 years, and talks honestly about the challenges of getting his new one, Wild Clean, off the ground. Contribute to his Kickstarter at launch.wildclean.com

54 mins

How to Win Big in a Recession

Pat Flynn and Matt Garland of Smart Passive Income share what entrepreneurs need to do today to improve their business. This is a special bonus "roundtable" episode of Problem Solvers, and the beginning of a fun experiment where Entrepreneur Podcast Network hosts join together to discuss the subjects most important to you. 

27 mins

His Product Wouldn't Sell... Until He Changed This

When the company Wilde Chips released its "chicken chips", nobody bought it. Then they changed the name, and the product started selling. Here's what happened, and a lesson for anyone trying to introduce a new idea to customers.

28 mins

Why This Brand Shares Its Customers' Worst Insults

The alcohol brand Soso Sake has blown up on TikTok (@sososakesoda). Its strategy? They film supermarket tastings, and post videos of people's worst reactions. This wasn't the brand's first idea, and it came with a lot of risk — but here, their CMO Mike Brown explains how it became such a hit.

30 mins

Finding Your Company's Deep Purpose

What is your company's purpose? And how can you protect it, even as you grow? Harvard Business School professor Ranjay Gulati, who also hosts the podcast Deep Purpose, explains.

26 mins

The 6-Step Plan to Growing A Small Business

Donald Miller made 537 mistakes in growing his business, and he did six things right. In this episode, the author of the new book "How to Grow Your Small Business" explains all six.

53 mins

The 3 Most Important Questions, with Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain, serial entrepreneur and founder of Viome, believes that outsiders make the greatest disruptors. So how do you know when you're onto something? In this episode, he shares the three most important questions to ask yourself — and how he answered them.

27 mins

Hey, Leaders: Would You Follow You?

Leadership expert Logan Stout asks his clients that all the time. In this episode, he explains how leaders lose their way, and takes us into a powerful coaching session where he helped a leader reconnect with the things that matter most.

28 mins

How This Newsletter Writer Got 325,000 Subscribers

Lenny Rachitsky built a thriving newsletter about product development. Here's how he did it, step by step, and how he's now making more money from the newsletter than he did as a product lead at Airbnb.

43 mins

It's Time to Think Differently About Productivity

To avoid burnout, we can't just think about task management. We need to also think about energy management... and how productivity doesn't just mean "getting lots of stuff done." In this conversation with psychotherapist Katherine Morgan Schafler, author of the new book "The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control", she offers strategies for building yourself up for the long haul.

27 mins

Perfectionism Can Be Your Advantage

Have you been told you're a perfectionist — and not in a good way? Psychotherapist Katherine Morgan Schafler says we have it all wrong, and explains how you can use perfectionism as a strength. She's the author of the new book "The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control". See NordLocker Business in action now with a 3-month free trial here nordlocker.com/creators with code PROBLEMSOLVERS

45 mins

What People of 1923 Thought About Work In 2023

In 1923, a famous scientist predicted how work would change in 2023. Now, 100 years later, we can confirm: He was shockingly right… and yet totally wrong. What happened? The answers can tell you a lot about what’s coming in the next 100 years, and how technology will (and maybe won’t) change work forever. This episode originally aired on the podcast "Build For Tomorrow".

28 mins

How to Set Boundaries: A Live Intervention!

Are you setting the right boundaries at work? In this episode, we pick apart a very real relationship between an employee and employer, and see where boundaries end... and where assumptions begin. For more like it, listen to the new podcast "Help Wanted". This episode is sponsored by Target Accelerators. Learn more here: https://entm.ag/targetaccelerators

22 mins

What Your Time Is Worth (and What to Pay to Outsource It)

Dan Martell says we don't hire people to grow our business. We hire people to buy back time out of our calendar. His new book is called Buy Back Your Time, and in this episode, he explains how to do that — starting by calculating your specific "buyback rate."

05 mins

Looking to Buy A Business? These Are the Top 500!

Special announcement! Our annual Franchise 500 list is out, providing you with the best opportunities to buy a business. Which is right for you? Entrepreneur magazine Jason Feifer explains what goes into the list, and how it can benefit you. Learn more at entrepreneur.com/franchise500

34 mins

How This Podcaster Gets 10 Million Downloads A Month

Jordan Harbinger (of the Jordan Harbinger Show) hosts a top podcast that makes big bucks. But how did he build it, and how can you build your own profitable show? On this episode, he explains. This episode is sponsored by Target Accelerators. Learn more here: https://entm.ag/targetaccelerators

11 mins

How I Won This Angry Customer’s Business Back

Here's a strategy for talking people down. And I have the emails to prove it!

28 mins

Make A Big Impact As An Outsider

Kelly Erhart read about an interesting way to address climate change, but it was stuck in academia and didn't have the funding for real-world application. Even though she isn't a scientist and didn't have connections to people in this space, she threw herself into creating a solution — and now, at age 26, she's running a public benefit corp called Vesta that's raised $6 million and putting this climate-protecting idea into practice. This is how she did it. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com

22 mins

How This Guy Saved Barbie From Cultural Extinction

When Barbie sales were falling, the company asked Richard Dickson to help save the famous toy. He became its president and COO — and here, he explains the four-point playbook he drew up to turn Barbie sales around. (And it worked!)

23 mins

Hack Your Bureaucracy!

Bureaucracy doesn't have to grind you down, says Marina Nitze, who has fixed government bureaucracies and now has lessons for us all. She's the co-author of the new book, "Hack Your Bureaucracy."

26 mins

From a Side Hustle to Employing 400 Women In Peru

Christina Fagan Pardy started Shit That I Knit as a side hustle. It's now a thriving knitwear business. She made a decision early to source sustainable materials and pay living wages to South American workers, and that has come with many costs, many challenges... and many rewards. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com

42 mins

How Smart Passive Income's Cofounders Thrive Together

How do you build a great cofounder relationship? Pat Flynn and Matt Gartland have figured it out — and have built Smart Passive Income into a gigantic success. Here, they explain how.

35 mins

How FamousBirthdays.com Drives 25 Million Users A Month

FamousBirthdays.com looks simple — it just collects the birthdays of famous (and not-so-famous) people. But the business and thinking behind it is much more complex. In this episode, a journey into the system behind one of the internet's most curious destinations.

19 mins

Solve Big Problems By Solving Little Problems

How can a mission-oriented company help tackle gigantic global problems? By narrowing your focus. That's the message from Ryan Jeffrey, senior managing director at a VC firm and accelerator called gener8tor, which supports startups that focus on climate change. We discuss how to identify a small problem worth solving inside of a gigantic issue. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com

27 mins

How to Delegate in Three Easy Steps

Are you bad at delegation? Just follow these three steps: Do it, document it, delegate it. That's the framework that Trainual founder (and operations expert) Chris Ronzio uses to teach people how to delegate. In this episode, he explains how to put it to use.

15 mins

How to Promote Yourself, Even When You’re Uncomfortable

The first rule of talking about you: It’s not actually about you. Here's how to do it.

36 mins

Why Quitting Something Can Be Your Best Move

Entrepreneurs love telling stories of perseverance. But that can be misleading. "In order to succeed, you're going to have to quit the things that aren't worth pursuing," says Annie Duke, author of the new book "Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away". On this episode, she explains why we should see quitting as a virtue — and how to know when it's time to walk away.

40 mins

The Climate Problem We All Have Wrong

Climate change is described as a “generational battle,” in which young people care and older people don’t. But this is a perfect example of how we think about generations all wrong — and that has big consequences. If we can drop our assumptions about generational divides, we might just have a shot at solving some of the world’s most urgent problems. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com

27 mins

What Happens When You Stop Checking Email Daily

Yes, it's possible to detach yourself from email! And it might even help you get more work done. Kim Kaupe, founder of Bright Ideas Only, explains the grand email experiment she's undergone, and how it transformed her business.

34 mins

Chip Gaines: "Without Change, There's No Growth"

Change didn't come easy to Chip Gaines, who went through an "identity crisis" as he transformed from an anonymous home builder to one of the most beloved people on TV (with Fixer Upper, and now the Magnolia brand he cofounded with his wife Joanna). Here he talks about that evolution, and what he's learned about finding opportunity in the unexpected.

19 mins

Treat Your Brain and Your Team Sustainably

What does it mean to run a sustainable business? It's about building something that can last. In this episode we look at two unexpected "sustainable" approaches — what your brain needs after a hard day of work, and how to build a team that'll survive the ups and downs. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com

47 mins

How to Predict the Future (But for Real)

Do you wish you could predict the future? Not in a street-corner psychic kind of way, but in a more personal, meaningful way — to know what’s coming, and to know what decisions you should make? We hear from experts (including the head of a group called the Superforecasters!) who explain how to do just that. And for more just like this, pick up Jason Feifer's new book "Build for Tomorrow".

20 mins

Spot the Opportunities That Others Don't

If you're struggling to solve a problem, you may be looking at it just 1% wrong. In this excerpt from Jason Feifer's new book "Build For Tomorrow", he explains how to reframe the problems in front of you — and see what other people don't.

31 mins

An FBI Hostage Negotiators Guide to Building Rapport

How do you build a rapport with someone quickly? How do you actively listen for what they need? That's what former FBI hostage negotator Chip Massey is an expert at, and he explains how entrepreneurs can put those same skills to good use.

43 mins

Solving the Unsolvable Problems, with Russ Roberts

How do you solve the problems for which there are no right answers? That's what economist Russ Roberts set to find out in his new book "Wild Problems". Here, he talks through strategies for grappling with the biggest decisions of our lives.

21 mins

How Values Can Shape Your Business Model

What does it really take to make a brand eco-friendly? For Shine Pet Food, it meant sweating every CO2 molecule—and making hard, expensive decisions. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com

35 mins

Push Beyond Your Boundaries, with John Lee

How do you develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and then apply it to everything you do? Investor and author John Lee shares how he started from nothing and built big, and what he's learned along the way.

30 mins

Bringing Change to an Industry That Really Needs It

Penny Pennington is the groundbreaking managing director at Edward Jones, where she's bringing fresh ideas to a very conservative organization. Here, she discusses the three pieces of advice that drive her leadership style.

24 mins

How to Get the Information You Need

As business and local media shrinks, how can you find the information that helps you grow your business? Chris Roush, author of the book "The Future of Business Journalism", offers new ways to stay on top of everything.

26 mins

Use the Right Words to Reach More People

Lomi is a composter that rarely uses the word "compost". Why? Because its creators developed deep insight into how the right language can help them reach more customers, helping them reach beyond just the "eco-minded" crowd. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com

44 mins

Why Is This Company A Web3 Company?

Confused about Web3? This is the episode for you! I always wonder why a company uses web3 technology, when it seems to be doing the same thing as a web2 company. So I asked someone. Today, I have a very candid conversation with Rusty Matveev, chief strategy officer at Calaxy, a web3 company.

24 mins

Emails That Should Have Never Been Sent, with Nicole Lapin

Before you send your next email, listen to this! Jason opens his inbox and reads some of the worst pitches he's received, and then he and Money Rehab podcast host Nicole Lapin discuss how they could have been improved. This is a rebroadcast of an episode of Money Rehab, which you can find on the iHeartMedia app or wherever you get podcasts.

24 mins

Sustainability Is A Business Opportunity

Sustainability often feels like a mission or an obligation, but what if we saw it as a major business opportunity instead? Karen Weigert, director of the Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility at Loyola University, says that's exactly what it is. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com

33 mins

The Power of Conflict, with Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer

The world is full of conflict, but Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer says most people approach it all wrong. They either see conflict as something to avoid, or they argue with emotion and a winner-take-all mentality. “If we're going to engage together, I should have a purpose for engaging with you,” he says. In this conversation, inspired by his new book "The Power of Conflict", Taffer explains how to use conflict purposefully and constructively.

24 mins

How to Find Great Talent, with Tyler Cowen

How do you find great talent? How do you convince them to join you? Sometimes the answer is: You don't find great talent at all — you CREATE great talent. Economist Tyler Cowen, coauthor of a new book called "Talent", explains how to do it in this episode.

40 mins

The Four-Day Workweek Is Here

The four-day workweek was once just an experiment. Now it’s regular life for many people. So what’s that like? In this episode, we look at the good, the bad, the reason our workweek evolved the way it did, and what it’ll take to get everyone else another day off. (This is an episode of Jason Feifer's other podcast, Build For Tomorrow.)

33 mins

Turning Plastic Trash Into Construction Materials

ByFusion fuses plastic waste into construction blocks, which is pretty amazing — but the pathway forward for this company involves an abandoned patent, a lot of investor skepticism, and a very ambitious business model. Here's how sustainable innovation happens. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at howlifeunfolds.com

23 mins

How to Balance Predictability With Surprise

What's the secret to making something great? It's a combination of predictability and surprise — and a healthy Rule of Rules. To find out what all this means, listen to this, our special 250th episode of Problem Solvers!

25 mins

How Nintendo's Battle over Wii Sports Was Won

In 2006, a debate raged inside of Nintendo: Do they bundle their new Wii console with the game Wii Sports, or sell the game separately? Reggie Fils- Aimé was president of North America at the time, and he argued yes — because even though it meant giving up revenue upfront, it would lead to more Wii sales later. Here, he explains the battle and how he won it.

39 mins

Behind the Scenes of A Kickstarter and Shark Tank Fail

Conor Lewis raised more than $3 million on Kickstarter for his awesome kids company, Fort. But he made a critical mistake, and has been trying to recover from it ever since. Here's what he learned, how he ended up on Shark Tank, and how to maintain poise under major pressure.

17 mins

A Star Trek Legend’s Advice on How to Be More Creative

John de Lancie, best known as Q from Star Trek, gives fantastic advice on how to find inspiration. It's not something to seek; it's a habit to build. (John was recorded at ciLive! in Des Moines.)

27 mins

Making Good Ideas Bigger, with Summit's Elliott Bisnow

Sometimes an idea won't work until it's bigger. So how can you start thinking bigger yourself? A conversation with Summit cofounder Elliott Bisnow, coauthor of "Make No Small Plans".

25 mins

A Ukranian Entrepreneur Pivots During War

Bronislav Gorbachev's company, Amadei, has had to make massive changes in order to keep its team safe, and serve its clients inside of Russia and Ukraine. Here, he discusses what it's been like keeping a company afloat during a crisis, and how he's even using it to set Amadei up for growth.

13 mins

Rethink Your Goals... and Your Calendar

Are you prepared for new opportunities? Here, I offer a new way to approach your goals, and a plan for you to achieve "calendar zero."

28 mins

Extract Yourself From the Weeds and Lead More Strategically

If you lead a team or organisation, your daily demands may suck all your time — leaving no space for strategic thinking. How can you fix that? I talk to Richard Medcalf, founder of Xquadrant and an executive coach, about four mindshifts you can make now.

22 mins

What Makes You Stand Out? It May Not Be What You Think

In this episode, a candid conversation with a 16-year-old entrepreneur and an important lesson for us all: To identify what makes us special, we need to dig deeper — not just into who we are and what we do, but into who we’re trying to appeal to.

35 mins

His Marketing Post About Ukraine Went Very, Very Wrong

Mac wanted to draw attention to his company's event, so he posted on LinkedIn... and made a joke about Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The internet erupted in anger. In this episode, a rare kind of conversation: Mac apologizes, explains where such a stupid post came from, and we explore the human side of public shaming.

31 mins

How Your Body Language Impacts Your Business

What are you saying, even when you're not saying it? In this conversation, I talk to Vanessa Van Edwards, author of the new book "Cues: Master the Secret Language of Charismatic Communication," about how to take control of the signals we send.

36 mins

What Self Care Really Looks Like

We hear a lot about self care, but what does it really look like and how can entrepreneurs put it into practice? Here, an inspiring conversation about taking care of yourself with Rosie Acosta, author of the new book "You Are Radically Loved".

22 mins

How Jimmy Fallon Found His "Why"

How The Tonight Show host built his career and an entertainment empire — by first identifying his most important mission. This is a reading of the January/February 2022 cover story in Entrepreneur magazine, plus a special behind-the-scenes story about the interview.

28 mins

How Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Now?

If you want to put AI to use in your business, you have to stop focusing on the whiz-bang cool stuff — and start focusing on the really boring, really useful stuff. Sam Ransbotham, a professor of information Systems at the Boston College (and host of the podcast Me, Myself, and AI) explains.

24 mins

Become A Better Investor and Negotiator, with Nicole Lapin

Best-selling author Nicole Lapin, author of the new book Miss Independent, shares tips for investing and negotiating your way to wealth.

29 mins

What You Can Learn From the World of Franchising

Looking to grow your business? Take inspiration from an industry that's all about growth and replication — franchising! Every year, Entrepreneur magazine publishes its definitive Franchise 500 list, and digs into the trends and insights that drive the industry. On this episode, host Jason Feifer talks with Entrepreneur's SVP of franchising, Liane Caruso, about the big takeaways from the list — including how brands successfully adapt to consumers' new needs, and why cats love a hotel and spa.

25 mins

The Hard Decisions To Protect Your Supply Chain

As supply chain issues harm so many businesses, we look at how one startup proactively avoided problems: It is Bartesian, and it made hard decisions more than a year ago that are paying off now.

29 mins

How To Tell A Good Publicist From A Bad One

If you're ever looking to hire a publicist, here's what you need to know. Jason rants about the best and worst things he's seen publicists do.