56 mins

The Guide to Contrarian Thinking, Interview with Codie Sanchez

On this episode of The Jeff Fenster Show,, Jeff Fenster interviews Codie Sanchez, an entrepreneur and content creator. They discuss the importance of supporting each other in personal ventures, the concept of 'skin in the game' and how it relates to entrepreneurship, the advantages of starting a boring business over a flashy one, and the process of deal making and how it differs from real estate. Codie encourages listeners to get out of their comfort zone and to take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow.

51 mins

Unveiling the Secrets of Success, Interview with Dan Fleyshman

In a captivating episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, renowned entrepreneur Jeff Fenster CEO of everbowl sits down with Dan Fleyshman, the youngest CEO of a publicly traded company and the mastermind behind Who's Your Daddy Energy Drinks. This insightful conversation delves into Fleyshman's remarkable journey to success, his investment strategies, and his invaluable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.  Listen in to learn all this and more on The Jeff Fenster Show.

50 mins

BE The People to Make a Change, Interview With Jimmy Rex

In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of our own potential. However, there are individuals like Jimmy Rex who have not only overcome adversity but have also dedicated their lives to helping others do the same. In a recent episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, the host Jeff Fenster and his guest Jimmy Rex spoke on his inspiring journey and the principles that have guided him towards a vast track record of success.  Let's delve into his story and uncover the key takeaways that can empower us to become the heroes of our own stories. Unleashing the Power of 'They': Jimmy Rex is a man on a mission, part of a collective he started known as 'We Are The They' - a group of individuals committed to making a difference in the world.  Through his “We are the They” program, Jimmy empowers others to tap into their potential and create a positive impact. He believes that by surrounding ourselves with the right people and adopting the right mindset, we can achieve extraordinary things.  Tune into this episode to learn more about the man that is deemed as “The most interesting man” and don’t forget to leave us a review if you enjoy the show!  

3 mins

Being in PURSUIT of Your Potential, Interview with David Meltzer

On this episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, host Jeff Fenster interviews David Meltzer, a successful entrepreneur, former CEO of Samsung’s smartphone division, global speaker, author, TV host and much more. David recounts his journey to success, from his desire to be rich as a child to running the climb to CEO of Leigh Steinberg’s sports and entertainment. He shares his 'Power of 64' concept and 'sixty four hour day' concept, and encourages people to choose to be loved and to believe in something bigger than themselves. He also discusses the impact of the 2008 Great Recession and the importance of helping others.

53 mins

Being a Service First Entrepreneur with Pat Flynn on The Jeff Fenster Show

Pat Flynn, guest on the Jeff Fenster Show, shares his journey from an architect to an entrepreneur. He emphasizes the importance of taking risks, surrounding yourself with supportive people, and creating a story from unplanned moments. Pat also talks about his experience of solution-based selling and how it applies to entrepreneurship as well as how he started a new venture during the pandemic in the Pokemon space. He encourages the audience to follow him, as his podcast “Smart Passive Income” is a great source of knowledge and information, tune in to learn all this and more on The Jeff Fenster Show.

2 mins

Being Authentically YOU, Interview With Jen Gottlieb

On a recent episode of "The Jeff Fenster Show," Jen Gottlieb, a successful businessperson, speaker, and host of the I Dare You podcast, talked with Jeff Fenster. Her story about changing from an actress to a business owner and speaker because she was true to herself has some really important lessons. This episode will talk about the main things Jen Gottlieb said and how they can help anyone who wants to be their best self.

43 mins

Overcoming Adversity, Interview with Drew Brees

On this episode of the podcast, host Jeff Fenster interviews NFL legend Drew Brees. Brees shares his journey from football to business, discussing his experience as a franchisee for Jimmy John's and his current success with Everbowl. He emphasizes the importance of authenticity and resilience, and shares his insights on setting goals, embracing challenges, and achieving success. In this podcast episode featuring guest Drew Brees, the conversation revolves around Brees' transition from his football career to his post-football endeavors. Brees discusses his entrepreneurial mindset and his involvement in various small business ventures throughout his life. He shares his experience as a franchisee for Jimmy John's sandwiches and how it sparked his interest in franchising. Brees emphasizes the importance of authenticity in choosing the brands he wants to be involved with. He says, "I think it's important to be authentic and to be true to yourself and to the brands that you choose to be involved with." The discussion also touches on Brees' personal experiences with failure and adversity, highlighting the importance of resilience and finding love in difficult situations. Brees shares his belief in the value of the franchise community and the knowledge and wisdom that can be gained from fellow franchise owners. The conversation concludes with Brees' success in expanding his Everbowl locations and his appreciation for the lessons learned from both successes and failures. Overall, the episode showcases Brees' entrepreneurial spirit, his successful transition into the business world, and his insights on setting goals, embracing challenges, and achieving success.

24 mins

A Champions Mindset, Interview with Tim Grover

In this podcast episode, renowned performance coach Tim Grover shares insights on achieving excellence and becoming a champion. He discusses the "loneliness of excellence" and the importance of having a clear purpose or "why" for success. Grover highlights the difference between motivation and elevation, emphasizing the need for passion and determination. He explains that success comes at a cost and emphasizes the value of having a coach or mentor during difficult times. Grover's advice underscores the significance of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice on the path to success. His words serve as a reminder that true greatness demands unwavering commitment. To learn more about Grover's insights, listeners can explore his book, Relentless, or access his free Network to Millions Playbook by texting "Jeff" to 33777. KEY TAKEAWAYS The Solitude of Success: Grover brings to light the often overlooked solitude that accompanies the pursuit of success. It's in these moments of quiet reflection where champions can fully grasp the magnitude of their achievement and the efforts they've made. From Motivation to Elevation: Grover differentiates between the initial spark of motivation and the sustaining fire of elevation. He underscores that real success goes beyond the initial motivation, and depends on the sustained passion, drive, and determination one can maintain. The Indispensable Guide: Grover emphasizes the critical role a coach or mentor plays in the journey to success. Drawing examples from legends like Kobe, Jordan, and LeBron, he underscores the necessity of having a guiding figure through the challenging voyage towards greatness.  

46 mins

The Jeff Fenster Show Official Trailer - Premiering August 7th, 2023

Welcome to the Jeff Fenster Show, where success is redefined, and the most unconventional paths lead to greatness! I'm your host, Jeff Fenster, and I'm here to challenge the notion that experience is the ultimate key to success. In this thrilling podcast, we embark on an extraordinary journey every Monday, delving into the stories of exceptional individuals who have defied the norms and blazed their own trails to achieve extraordinary success. As a serial entrepreneur, having founded a diverse range of companies across various industries, each generating staggering sums of wealth, I've come to understand that success follows a distinct formula. Join me as we unlock the secrets to achievement, exploring the common threads that bind athletes, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, marketers, real estate moguls, A-list entertainers, industry influencers, and even the occasional animal whisperer, like the remarkable Real Tarzan. Through candid conversations with remarkable guests like Drew Brees, the legendary athlete; Dan Fleyshman, the trailblazing entrepreneur; David Meltzer, the benevolent philanthropist; and Neil Patel, the ingenious marketer, we'll decipher the core elements that have propelled them to greatness. Are you eager to discover what these extraordinary individuals have in common? Then hit that "subscribe" button and prepare yourself for a life-changing experience. The Jeff Fenster Show is your gateway to transformative insights and actionable wisdom that can shape your destiny. Are you ready to break free from the conventional and redefine your path to success? Welcome to the Jeff Fenster Show, where possibilities are limitless, and the journey to greatness begins now. ? Want to unlock the keys to make friends, have fun, and attract lifelong success? Grab a copy of my book, Relationship Bank Account: https://amzn.to/3A9xCDc Text JEFF to 33777 to get a FREE copy of his network to millions playbook! Or click the link to access a free download on his website: https://www.relationshipbankaccount.com/free59009358 ? SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL ?