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Deloitte Private delivers audit & assurance, tax, consulting, and risk & financial advisory services tailored for family businesses, family offices, and high net worth individuals; privately-owned enterprises; private equity investors and their portfolio companies, and venture-backed companies.

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Overcoming Myopia: How Family Businesses Can Plan for What's Beyond the Horizon

Through taking a longer view of decision-makingĀ and bringing younger generations into the fold, family businesses continue to thrive in difficult times, and into the 'next normal.'

Cultivating a Post-Covid 'Workplace' (Infographic)

The same traits that set family businesses apart from other companies are creating authentic opportunities for resilience, growth, and recovery.

Private-Company CFO Considerations for SPACs

Special-purpose acquisition companies are booming. For some CFOs, these public entities created to identify and acquire businesses offer an attractive alternative to a traditional IPO.

How You Can Accelerate Workforce Resilience, Agility, and Capability (Infographic)

Follow the four Ps to help activate the 'internal talent marketplace.'

The Perseverance of Resilient Leadership

Sustaining impact on the road to thrive.

3 Characteristics of Family Businesses That Position Them to Thrive (Infographic)

The traits that set family businesses apart are creating authentic opportunities for success.

The Next Normal for Private Company Governance

The pandemic is forcing private companies and their boards to think about what the next normal may look like for corporate governance in the months and years ahead.