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How You Can Accelerate Workforce Resilience, Agility, and Capability (Infographic)

Follow the four Ps to help activate the 'internal talent marketplace.'


The future of work and being a leader of teams requires more than simply matching people with full-time roles. It is expected to extend to providing employees with access to gig work, mentorship, rotation programs, stretch and volunteering assignments, and innovation and skill-building experiences that align with business needs.

Which brings us to what's called the internal talent marketplace, a relatively new talent operating model offering an innovative and flexible approach to talent acquisition, mobility, and management. The internal talent marketplace, usually hosted on a technology-enabled platform, connects employees with opportunities both inside and outside the organization. It enables managers to promote varied roles and helps organizations quickly deploy, motivate, develop, and retain employees.

When done right—through iterative design—the internal talent marketplace can deliver a broad range of benefits across talent acquisition and management. Here's how organizations can advance iterative talent marketplace design across the four Ps:

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