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3 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Results When Using Facebook for Client Attraction Here are some actionable tips to make your daily efforts simpler and more effective, using nothing else but your social profile.

By Juliette Stapleton

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Yuichiro Chino | Getty Images

When you rely on social media to find, prospect and gain new clients, organic marketing can be highly effective, especially if you are a coach, consultant or course creator. The Coaching industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, and a lot of it relies heavily on building relationships with the audience. This makes platforms like Facebook a haven for lead-generation.

But if you are a coach with no experience in marketing on social media, you may find yourself in a confusing situation. On one hand, you see a lot of successful influencers in your industry as proof that is can work. But you lose the track of time scrolling mindlessly and with little clarity trying to guess your way through the mysterious client-attraction maze. Your posts seem to drown in the sea of other content, you get very little engagement, and by the end of the day this leaves you frustrated and disheartened. Does this sound familiar?

I have been there. In fact, even after cracking the code of successful time management, I can confess that unless I make it a priority, there is always a danger of falling back into "zombie scroll" mode. There are just too many attention-grabbing features that are constantly tempting us to wander off track, just in case something spectacular awaits behind that one click. And then it never does.

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