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4 Devices for Your Mobile Workforce Stay on top of business from anywhere with these 4G wireless smartphones, tablets and computers.

By John Patrick Pullen

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Photography by Gorman and Gorman

If you want your staff to work as a team, give 'em a real-time company scoreboard. Track wins and losses and everything in between with Geckoboard, a cloud-based digital dashboard that serves as a companywide bulletin board, displaying everything from business analytics to Twitter feeds to project reports. Subscription pricing is based on the number of portals (HDTVs, mobile devices or desktop PCs) using the service at the same time.

Now that all the major wireless carriers offer 4G cellular data connections, the mobile work force finally has the consistent broadband it has always wanted. The new standard has led to reliable e-mailing, routine fast downloads of HD streaming media and real-time, cloud-based collaboration. The hardware showcased here comes pre-installed with 4G connections--no dongles or mobile hot spots required--that take advantage of that speed to make you forget you're running business through a cell network.

LG Optimus G
Image credit: gsmarena.com

Movie Phone

LG Optimus G ($100 from AT&T)
Mobile data on the slick, polished Optimus G pops to life thanks to a crisp, high-def 4.7-inch display and 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. A discrete microSD slot expands memory to 64 GB, enough to hold more music, video and Android apps than you'll know what to do with.

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