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4 Reasons Why Business Owners Need a Podcast

You need to reach your target audience and build influence, but how will you stand out?

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As a business owner, there's an undeniable need to reach your and build influence. But with so many people doing the same thing as you — how will you stand out? The answer is simple: You need a .

Podcasts are easier than ever to produce, and there are millions of listeners across the globe who will eagerly consume your content. With over two million podcasts and the fact that 75% of the U.S. population is familiar with the term podcasting, it's no wonder why podcasting is such a successful content strategy. People have their preferences regarding podcasts and they will tell you about their favorite podcasts. Around 25% of the U.S. population listens to podcasts regularly. It is expected that the number of people who will listen to podcasts will only increase because of the growing popularity. Different businesses and organizations have realized this and are trying to use podcasts for the strategic advantage of their businesses.

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