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7 Easy Ways to Use TikTok to Make Money Want to monetize your TikTok account? Here are seven ways to start making money on and off the app.

By Jen Ruiz Edited by Katie Walsh

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NurPhoto | Getty Images

TikTok is here to stay and now that the legal controversy has subsided, brands and creators alike are returning to their main priority — making money on and off the app.

There's no denying that the platform is powerful, with a single viral video driving stores to sell out of cranberry juice. This success is not an anomaly. TikTok has better organic reach and longevity of content than its competitors, making it an alluring place to be for businesses.

Earlier this year, TikTok invested $50M into their Creative Learning Fund to entice creators to post informative content. In part, these funds were meant to drive up the age of the average user and encourage universal participation on the platform, particularly from those who value substance over killer dance moves.

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