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Backup Plan Worried about protecting computer data? With a tape backup drive, your worries may be over.

By Jill Amadio

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Discovering that your computer's hard drive has been wiped clean is a disaster that can strike in the form of fire, theft, a computer virus, a hard drive crash or even a careless employee. If you have recurring nightmares about losing all your customer files, financial records and databases, a tape backup drive unit with removable cartridges that operates independently of your hard drive can help you sleep peacefully.

Hewlett Packard, which makes the Colorado T1000e, one of the easiest backup drives to install and use, has instructions for creating a bootable disk, too, so if your computer does take a dive, you'll have all the necessary elements to totally restore your precious data.

It's simply good business sense to protect your files by copying or transferring them regularly to removable tape cartridges that can be stored in a separate location outside of the office or locked in a fireproof safe.

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