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From 0-400,000 TikTok Followers in 40 Days How I organically created a following as a new platform user, and you can too.

By Hilary Billings Edited by Michael Dolan

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To say I wasn't expecting this to happen is a gross understatement. Whenever I hear people talk about building six-figure followings in short periods of time, I immediately assume they've paid for the followers (or been featured by Oprah). After all, it seems impossible to build an organic following that large that quickly these days, right?

And yet, after just three days on TikTok, I garnered a million views on my content. Within a week, I had 40,000 followers. And over those first 40 days, my following grew to over 400,000.

As a content creator who has spent almost a decade writing, editing, and distributing videos, blogs, and articles across multiple platforms, it was easy to write off this phenomenon as luck.

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