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New Tool Can Help You Test-Drive Your Mobile Site A platform from Keynote Systems gives business owners an advance peek at how websites will render in the mobile realm.

By Dan O'Shea

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Mobile Test-DriveMobile-friendly websites are increasing in popularity--if you don't believe us, go back and reread the March issue of Entrepreneur. But crafting a site targeting mobile users requires some follow-through.

Once you have realized the need among your constituents for a mobilized website and developed one, you can't send it out into mobile browsers without testing it. Yet with a multitude of devices and device operating system profiles, mobile website developers face a mountainous task in assuring that their new sites perform and display adequately on all of them. If the sites fall short, you can hardly call them "mobile-friendly" with a straight face.

Keynote Systems, a company that provides cloud-based mobile and internet monitoring services, is looking to streamline the validation challenge with a desktop application that site developers, operational staffs and quality analysis teams can download for free and use to simulate the experience of browsing a website on different kinds of devices. The company's Mobile Internet Testing Environment (MITE) 2.1 features a library of 2,000 devices and 12,000 device software profiles.

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