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One 'Mindful' Way to Stay Organized in the Cloud TeamBrain maps out the tools of collaboration.

By Jonathan Blum

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Connect the ThoughtsWeb-connected workers don't just need first-rate collaboration tools--they must also navigate a sprawl of online business apps and shared documents without losing their heads in the cloud.

TheBrain wants to help. The Marina del Rey, Calif.-based collaborative software firm recently introduced a web-enabled mind-mapping application called TeamBrain. It lets users store, categorize and share project-related information--documents, notes, images, web links, contacts and even calendar alerts--through a visual mind map.

What it does: TeamBrain is an extension of the company's TheBrain desktop app, which links ideas, tasks and other data visually. Users start with a topic and link it to a succession of subthoughts, ideas, files and reference materials to make a so-called "mind map" of complex business problems. With TeamBrain, personal maps can be published, shared and synced with others via an account on

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