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Online Marketplace for App Builders With components from Verious, developers are building better apps faster and for less.

By Jason Ankeny Edited by Frances Dodds

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Your parts guy: Anil Pereira of Verious.
Your parts guy: Anil Pereira of Verious.
Photo © Eva Kolenko

When Hemanga Das, founder of AppCurry, set out to work on his latest interactive game, Talking Car Zippy, he had the skills but not the time--his day job as a software engineer saw to that. "I first thought of the app a year ago, but I couldn't find time to do it," Das says. "I needed a team to deal with animation, audio and video. I couldn't do it all myself."

His solution was to shop for the parts he needed at San Carlos, Calif.-based Verious, an online store for prebuilt software components, source code and programming tools that developers can plug directly into their apps. "I bought audio recording and playback capabilities that worked perfectly," Das says. "Buying them saved at least a month of my time. I also saved about $1,000 to $5,000 compared to hiring somebody else to do it from scratch."

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