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The New Power of Mobility With devices that can do more and more, apps that can unshackle any operation and innovations like mobile video coming on the scene, mobility is becoming the entrepreneur's most critical tech tool.

By Dan O'Shea

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The New Power of Mobilitys

Small-business owners were the earliest of early adopters for mobile service. From the outset of mobile technology, the entrepreneurial-minded were savvy enough (and busy enough) to see the benefit of a phone without a wire--even the original, expensive, bulky ones that cost thousands of dollars. Those who got it understood from the beginning that mobility made small business bigger.

The evolution of technology and services has made mobile not only more appealing and more affordable for small business--mobile is now also an indispensable tool. Video-capable smartphones with computer-like processing power change the way businesses interact with their customers. Innovative applications free desktop-bound daily business processes. And mobile broadband technology options challenge expectations for where and how phones can be used, rendering physical office locations optional.

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