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To iPad or Not to iPad? Two business owners face off on <em>the</em> business question of the moment.

By Jonathan Blum

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Never mind that 1 million iPads were sold in just 28 days--less than half the time it took to sell the same number of iPhones. Or that RBC Capital Markets estimates that iPads outsell Apple Macs by a 2-1 ratio. But deciding to put your small business on the iPad magical mystery tour is not the no-brainer that pundits want it to be. Clear iPad pluses such as its cool factor, access to thousands of apps and fabulous battery life are marred by its lack of keyboard, small screen size and limited software targeted to small business. Not surprisingly, passionate camps have formed on both sides of the iPad question. Let the tablet smackdown begin.

Can't Live With It
Chuck McHugh, president of Industrial Design Innovations, a Dearborn, Mich., automotive shipping and logistics business

The iPad is the furthest thing from Chuck McHugh's mind--which is remarkable, considering he has just spent $34,000 installing 10 design-focused computer imaging systems.

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