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What's a Call From a New Customer Worth to You? Google AdWords rings up new bid-per-call feature.

By Jonathan Blum

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Dialed InGoogle wants to know what a phone call from a new customer is worth to your business. The internet giant has added a feature to its AdWords program that allows companies to bid on phone calls generated by their ads on Google's search results. Bid-per-call is a significant addition to Google's ubiquitous online advertising product, even playing into the algorithms that determine the company's all-important ad rankings.

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How it works: Users set a bid for how much they are willing to pay each time one of their Google text ads inspires a customer to pick up the phone and call the business. Google tracks the call by assigning a forwarding number that patches through to the business's primary phone. Users set an advertising budget as well as the price they are willing to pay per phone call, and Google charges accordingly. The minimum bid is $1 per call. If no one calls, you pay nothing. If you go over budget, your ads stop running. The service is available only for users in the U.S. and U.K.

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