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When Building A Great App, User Experience Is Key Maintaining customer satisfaction should be a top priority when launching an app.

By Linda Tong

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

scyther5 | Getty Images

In our current era of social distancing, everything we do is digital: We shop, pay our bills, order food, socialize, and live our entire lives through applications. These applications include the ones on your phone you're using to order dinner, as well as the numerous unseen applications operating behind the scenes to make all these daily digital activities work. If you are an entrepreneur working through the challenges of the global health crisis in any industry, ensuring the health of the applications that keep your business running and serve as your key way of interacting with customers is a top priority.

Every time a bug, lag, or unforeseen issue disrupts a user's experience, you risk losing the customer not only for that moment but forever. The App Attention Index found that two thirds (66 percent) of consumers claim they would avoid trying a product from a brand known for delivering a poor digital experience. For the end-user, poor app performance means increased frustration and time wasted. For a business, it means losing money, time, and, most importantly, customer trust.

So, what can company leaders do to maintain app health when it is needed most?

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