Shamrock Shake vs. Peeps: We Rank the 7 Best Seasonal Foods

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You can tell the change in seasons by the weather and temperature, but you can also track the passage of time by the snacks lining the grocery store shelves. Seasonal treats are also a fun way to break up fast food fatigue.

Below are seven seasonal foods we think are worth waiting for each year.

1. Shamrock shake

Season: February and March, leading up to St. Patrick’s Day

Why we love it: With its pale green hue, the shake doesn’t just celebrate Irish pride -- it’s also delicious. Just when vanilla and chocolate shakes start to get boring, the Shamrock’s sweet, minty flavor comes along to refresh our taste buds.

2. Pumpkin spice everything

Season: Fall

Why we love it: When done right, the flavor is sweet without being cloying, full of flavor without being overwhelming. It reminds us of fall itself -- neither too warm nor too cold, refreshing but not shocking. A word of caution, however: this flavor is not fit for every type of food (although that hasn’t stopped companies from trying). It works as a latte or even a cookie, but pumpkin spice gum is just unfortunate.

3. Girl Scout Cookies

Season: Various six- to eight-week periods, depending on the area’s local Girl Scout council.

Why we love it: There’s a Girl Scout Cookie for everyone. From the classic Thin Mint (Keep those in the freezer. Trust us.) to the buttery Trefoil, there are a variety of tastes to try and all of them are delicious. That the money from the cookie sales goes to a program that teaches leadership and funds scholarships is just the fudge stripe on the baked good, so to speak.

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4. Candy Corn

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Season: October

Why we love it: This is the quintessential flavor of the Halloweens of our youth. Maybe you can devour entire bags, or maybe any more than three triangular “kernels” makes you nauseous, but there’s no way you can get through candy-corn season without having at least one piece.


5. Peeps

Image credit: Peeps | Facebook

Season: Spring, in time for Easter

Why we love it: The cheerful colors and the adorable duckling shapes are only part Peeps’ appeal. Sure, they’re a bit gritty and can get stale fast, but when they’re good they’re fantastic. An Easter basket is incomplete without them.

6. Egg Nog

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Season: Christmas

Why we love it: It’s creamy, spicy and often alcoholic. What’s not to like? When you simultaneously want dessert and a drink to take the edge off, eggnog is the solution. It’s good that it’s a seasonal treat, though, because the taste can be overwhelming after a cup or two.

7. S'mores flavored stuff

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Season: Summer

Why we love it: Not only are they tasty to eat, these treats are fun to make over an open fire outdoors. The combination of graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate is both mouthwatering and memorable for its summertime associations. Whether it’s in the form of ice cream, frappuccinos, a sandwich or even beer, once you have one, you’ll want s’more.  

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