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3 Common Challenges Startups Face and How to Overcome Them New businesses face well-worn issues. New research has identified three of the most common concerns founders face. Here they are, along with some tips to overcome them.

By John Rampton Edited by Mark Klekas

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Starting a business may sound like a major accomplishment, and on a certain level, it is. But the real question is: can it survive? 60% of startups don't make it to Series A funding. Of those that do, more than a third don't make it to Series B.

What quickly brings down so many aspiring business owners? In their new research, the experts at Play Bigger identified multiple core issues that early-stage founders typically face.

These challenges aren't chosen at random or selected by "expert analysis." They come straight from the mouths of nearly 1,000 business owners themselves through their own straight-shooting investor updates. Here are some of the top issues identified by the study.

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