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5 Tips For Building an Entrepreneurial Framework Building a business is like building a house: You need a strong foundation.

By Tony M Fountain Edited by Frances Dodds

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So, you have started a business, Congrats! Now what? To help you prepare for and understand your journey to becoming an entrepreneur, think of it as building a house. When creating a home, you begin by visualizing, planning, financing, gathering materials, and collaborate with contractors before you can start building it. There are many steps to the process, and you will need to treat your goals the same. Similarly, it would be best if you conceptualized what it is you want to do, research, and make plans on how to achieve it within a realistic time frame.

Setting deadlines will allow you to manage your time accordingly and hold yourself accountable: The timeline will also enable you to note your progression, which encourages you to continue. Next, you have to fund your project, so you either have to be willing to seek out and find an investor that you will have to repay with interest or give them a percentage. You may have to stick it out with that job you hate a little longer, work overtime, and possibly even take a second job to save up. Afterward, you must network and build relationships with the right people that can help you reach success. This article outlines some of the typical steps any entrepreneur can take when beginning to build their empire.

Planning and financing through continuous learning

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