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A Startup Aims to Fill a Hole in the Housekeeping Market A trio of ad execs launches a line of air fresheners for modern men.

By Judy Sutton Taylor

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Entrepreneurs: John Bleeden, Todd Durston and Berk Wasserman, founders of Archer Air Superiority, a line of air fresheners aimed at male consumers.

"Aha" moment: In 2011 the three colleagues at a Chicago ad agency decided to fill a hole they saw in the housekeeping market. "We're really tuned in to trends, given our backgrounds," Bleeden says. "We wondered why men weren't represented. Each of us contributes to the shopping and cleaning duties at home, and we don't want fragrances that smell like cinnamon-apple pie or spring meadows. We realized we're the guys we should be targeting."

Man caves: Archer Air's first collection of three sprays strives to replicate the smell of "manly places." Hunting Lodge combines scents of stone, gunpowder and "damp timber"; Distillery is inspired by bourbon, with notes of charred oak; and European Sports Car has hints of leather and aftershave.

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