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5 Businesses to Start This Weekend Don't wait another minute--start a new business now with these part-time ideas.

By Entrepreneur Staff

There are many great reasons to start a business part time. Maybe you want to get your feet wet in the entrepreneurial ocean but aren't ready to dive in completely. Perhaps your potential market is too small to warrant a full-time venture but could provide enough cash to pay off some bills or fill your savings account. Maybe you don't have enough funding to quit your job and have decided to start your new business slowly and steadily. Whatever the reason, we've got five hot businesses you can start this weekend.

Starting a business in your off hours won't be easy. Businesses, once birthed, are much like living, breathing animals. Even though you might be too tired to walk it during the week, pretty soon it'll start clawing its way into your life 24/7. Clients will call. One more task will nag at your brain Tuesday at midnight. You've got to be an organizational genius--and unless you're planning on expanding full time eventually (which is a very viable option with any of these businesses), you've got to hold that beast back before it takes over your life.

Pros and Cons
As we've already discussed, starting part time offers several advantages. It reduces your overall risk because you can rely on a regular income and benefits from your full-time job while you get your business off the ground. By starting part time, you also allow your business the chance to grow gradually.

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