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A Collect Calling How can I start a judicial recovery business?

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Question: I've receivedsome information on processing judicial judgments from home. Arethese companies and their training legitimate? How difficult isthis business to start and operate? How competitive is it? Is itlucrative?
Mark Shelly
Valencia, California

Answer: The fundamental workof a judgment recovery specialist is collecting money-doing thepaperwork and legwork to seize bank accounts, garnish wages andplace liens on or seize personal property. That's in additionto locating debtors who have moved, sometimes to escape paying offdebts. And you have to personally contact debtors about paying thejudgment you're handling. Sometimes a letter and a phone callproduce results-some debtors, when vigorously pursued, will jointhe million-plus people and businesses filing bankruptcy eachyear.

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