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Let's harken back to our school days. Hours and hours spentsitting on straight-backed wooden desk chairs, shifting from sideto side by the end of the day. Maybe those chairs had some effecton our attention spans.

Even though we're all grown up (don't laugh), that sameprinciple still applies. Only now it's business productivityinstead of grammar grades that are on the line.

Good ergonomic seating involves more than just your tush. Itshould also cradle your back; encourage good posture; and allow forheight, back and arm adjustments. Some of the chairs we looked atcome in different sizes, like clothing, for a more individualfit--so you aren't obliged to squirm and slouch in search ofthe ultimate position. Selecting a particular chair depends on yourbody shape, size and work habits. Don't be afraid to send achair back if it doesn't still feel comfortable after eighthours.

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