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The Dark Side Prepare yourself for being homebased by understanding the downside.

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QUESTION: I hear a lot aboutthe advantages of working at home. What are some of thedisadvantages--and how can I deal with them?

ANSWER: Over time, we'vekept track of the problems people have written to us about andcombined those with survey results. Based on this information, hereare the top 10 problems of working at home:

1. Separation of work and family life, both in relation to spaceand time
2. Not enough space
3. Not being taken seriously
4. Distractions
5. Lack of privacy
6. Strain on family relationships
7. Tendency to work too much
8. Feelings of isolation
9. Poor self-management or self-discipline
10. Zoning; home- or condominium-association regulations

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