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All Fired Up With the right marketing plan, your product will blaze trails across the globe.

By Don Debelak

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The Entrepreneurs: Joanne Johnson, 34; Marcel Sbrollini,42; and Rod Sprules, 33; founders of Robustion Products Inc. in St.Laurent, Quebec

The Product: The Java-Log is a fireplace log madeprimarily from recycled coffee grounds. Sprules, a mechanicalengineer, first learned of the high heat capacity of coffee groundswhile working on a heated cold weather suit for his formeremployer. When coffeehouses became popular, he thought ofconverting used coffee grounds into the Java-Log. Today, theproduct, which retails for about $2.50 per log and burns hotterthan traditional firewood, is sold through Home Hardware, a majorCanadian hardware chain; Home Depot in Canada; grocery stores; anda variety of smaller stores in Canada and the United States.Product sales via the company's Web site ( arealso growing.

Startup: $38,000

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