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Genius Resources and Products for Entrepreneurs From beef jerky that acts as Red Bull to a board game that teaches kids about credit, you'll find it here.

By Jennifer Wang

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Charge Large
Keep the next generation from repeating our sorry financial history. Hasbro's new board game teaches kids how to "enjoy great credit, without the crunch." The objective is to use cash and credit to buy property, and then collect rent to be the first out of debt--with good enough credit to earn the premium black card.

Perky Jerky
Beef jerky spiked with guarana (aka nature's little pick-me-up). Why didn't someone think of this earlier? Snacking on one ounce of the stuff is the equivalent of downing a can of Red Bull, and it's a lot easier to stash in your pocket.

Desk Dots
You can do a lot with this set of six super-strong magnetic beads. Make a sculpture, collect your paper clips, organize your business cards, pin photos on your filing cabinets, display your mail or even throw them at people you don't like. See? Organizing can be fun.

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