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Book of Odds
Procrastination has a new name: statistics. The Book of Odds reference website has an endlessly fascinating supply: 1 in 96,080 (the odds of accidental death due to alligator attack), or 1 in 6.67 (the odds a man has ever paid for sex). Who knows? One might even be the right number to drop into your next presentation.

Forget packing a snake pile of phone chargers and adapter cords. With a single, portable Powermat , you can charge as many as three phones, music players or portable gaming devices by attaching their receivers and placing them on the mat.

The Free Enterprise Nation
This politically independent organization, co-founded by businessman/philanthropist James MacDougald, aims to unify the and educate Americans about public debt and government waste.

Guardian's 'Look the Business' Column
Q: How often do you find models working the runway in the section?

A: Not often enough. So check out the Guardian's "Look the Business" section. Assistant editor Simon Chilvers picks office attire and accessories from designer collections and gives tips on how to emulate the catwalk.

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