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How to Build a Chatbot for Your Business Chatbots bring ease and efficiency to your customers and your business.

By Jitendra Dabhi Edited by Dan Bova

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To start us off, let us first understand the meaning of a chatbot. A chatbot is a tool that employs Artificial Intelligence to simulate a conversation with a human user through messaging platforms, websites or a mobile application. Chatbots are increasing in popularity day after day. More businesses are now investing heavily in chatbots. According to an Opus Research report, the total amount of money that will be invested in chatbots by 2021 will reach 4.5 billion dollars. This trend is mainly contributed by the fact that chatbots play a very vital role in businesses. They accelerate operations by dealing with an unlimited number of conversations as compared to humans. They are also easy to use, cost-effective and efficient. These plus many other benefits leave you with no option but to have them for your business. Building a chatbot for your business is a worthy undertaking. It involves some steps which are elaborated in this article.

How your customers can benefit from chatbots?

Although Artificial Intelligence has not hit the intended heights where they can wholly imitate humans, artificial intelligence and chatbots to be specific can significantly contribute to the success of your business. Here are some of the benefits of using chatbots;

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