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If That Mini Dress Could Talk Well, actually, it does--on a new vintage website where every garment has a "past life."

By Emili Vesilind

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If That Mini Dress Could Talk

Yes, it's a big, pink 1980s blazer--heavy on the shoulder pads and maybe even a little dumpy.

Ah, but in Brenna Egan's mind, it is a garment with a simmering past: "Thalia forced herself to hit a Venice Beach Saturday barbecue after a long day on set styling a burgeoning pop star. She meant to only stay 15 minutes, but ended up closing the party down after a long, romantic kiss and a date on the books the following Monday with Cole, a mysterious music mogul. She was glad she brought her Peaches 'N' Cream blazer to avoid the late night beach chill while she canoodled with her new prince charming . . ."

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