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Maintaining Your Startup's Focus Too many passions can derail you. Find one that sticks.

By Diana Ransom

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Startups fail all the time. But why?

In many cases, a new venture falters for obvious reasons--not enough capital; before its time; founder fatigue ... the list goes on. Yet other instances of failure seem inexplicable. Take Loosecubes, for example. In November, after two and a half years in business, the New York City-based office-sharing community that had attracted 25,000 "loosecubers" in more than 60 countries called it quits.

To me, the idea seemed primed to take off--and, in fact, was already taking off. The 16-person company had reeled in $9 million in venture capital funding during its run. It even spawned copycats such as Desktime in Chicago. Plus, Loosecubes founder Campbell McKellar is one of the most poised and articulate young entrepreneurs I've ever interviewed.

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