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On this Curriculum: The Future Singularity University may be the most ambitious and utterly idiosyncratic entrepreneurship program in the country. Just ask the BrinBot.

By Jennifer Wang

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Bioreactors for terraforming. An orbiting data center. The 23 students on the Space Team are brainstorming business ideas. The doors are flung open to let in the summer breeze, and a few people have kicked off their shoes. Laptops are abandoned on the tables, and everyone is huddled around the Post-it notes spread out on the carpet. Two stick-figure drawings of a rocket being launched into space have been pinned to the back wall.

The discussion goes a little like this: "We should figure out a way to capture and beam solar energy," one student says. Another counters: "But we need a more efficient way to get into space--why not do alternative launch technologies?" And a third: "What about looking into the implications of microgravity on cancer treatment?"

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