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Restaurants vs Mobile Kitchens Can mobile kitchens and brick-and-mortar restaurants share a meal?

By Regina Schrambling

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

A funny thing happened when food trucks took to the streets of America. Restaurants survived.

Sure, a few cities around the country may be starting to see a backlash by brick-and-mortar restaurants against the myriad mobile kitchens that have proliferated in a brutal economy. Every dining dollar counts these days, and a party of six eating dumplings or duck confit from a come-and-go curbside truck cuts into the income a "real" restaurateur needs to pay for everything from linens to dishwashers to rent itself.

But many savvy entrepreneurs see the trend as a win-win situation. Wolfgang Wannabes can get a relatively low-budget start on the street and build a following, while established restaurateurs can collaborate to make extra income, whether by renting kitchen space at off-hours or actually doing the cooking for the fly-by-day vendors.

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