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Infantile Inventions No, no, it's not a bad thing! The baby-products market is the perfect place for brand-new inventors to take their first steps.

By Don Debelak

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Parents aren't the only ones delighted when a baby is born.Entrepreneurs are, too. Grandparents, friends and other relativesare eager to shower gifts on the newborn. And because infants turnlife upside down, moms and dads are always searching for new andinnovative ways to save time and make life easier-no matter whatthe cost.

No wonder the baby-products market is the most popular one forindividual inventors. And that's not just because there's ahuge base of parents ready to spend their hard-earned dollars onnew products. Often, becoming parents inspires moms and dads toinvent new baby products. And because there are so many babiesaround, inventors in this category have ample opportunity to testproducts and determine ahead of time whether they'll fly in themarket.

Of course, it also helps that three relatively easy andstraightforward avenues exist to help new inventors enter thebaby-products market: catalogs, buying groups and trade shows.

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