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The Key Resource for a Successful Startup Is Something You Already Have The key to sustainable entrepreneurship for those in a 9-to-5 is not some cinematic quitting of their jobs, but leveraging their own advantage via their own background and knowledge.

By Patrick Ward Edited by Bill Schulz

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Being "100% committed" is a noble goal, but it deludes people into thinking that they have to fully invest in entrepreneurship without testing the waters first.

When the pandemic started, I toyed with an idea of creating a startup, but the hardest part is coming up with a viable idea. By this stage of my career I'd built up a decent amount of experience within the world of remote work, tech outsourcing and software development and all of it lead to my epiphany: The key to a startup when you have had many jobs in a certain industry is to build your business around previous experience.

Step 1: Look to the knowledge gap

When I was first coming up with the concept I realized that so much of my experience within the outsourcing industry was shrouded from the everyday person. Even something as simple as brand recognition is fairly nonexistent in the B2B space. I confirmed the suspicions with a quick Google search. There was content about several of the topics that a prospective buyer should know but it was all biased, short and failed to give a true insight into the industry. This was my opportunity to seize on the gap and help people through my unique perspective.
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